Counting Cars – Thursday 9pm on HISTORY

Viva Las Vegas! – Episode 3 – Thursday 28th February, 9pm
Las Vegas is a gambling town but where most people bet with chips, Danny ‘the Count’ Koker bets with rides. Every job is high stakes and he can’t afford to lose!

In this third Counting Cars installment, Danny is presented with two very special opportunities in the same afternoon.  Whilst perusing the beauties on display in the Viva Las Vegas Hot Rod Show, he stumbles across a killer red 1967 Pontiac GTO, designed by the same man who made the Delorean.

A special vehicle indeed, the owner is tired of endlessly spending money on it, and it has problems with the transmission.  After some hard negotiation, the pair settle on a $12,000 figure, but will Danny be able to flip it and get the $50,000 he thinks it might be worth? And more to the point, will he be able to part with it after it’s had the ‘Counting Car’s’ mega star treatment?

Later that afternoon, Danny goes knocking on some doors in the neighbourhood and comes across an amazing blue 1968 Camaro SS. After taking it for a spin, he realises it’s a dream to drive and he has to make it his own. But can he convince the owner to part with his pride and joy? And is Danny going to strike lucky with a Harley Davidson Fat Boy too?

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Deep Trouble – Episode 4 – Thursday 28th February, 9.30pm
The Count’s Kustom boys are back for an action packed episode this evening, with crazy rides, a boat, and more complaining from Scott.

When Danny’s friend Davey has a momentary lapse of judgement and takes his Chevy to a different shop, unsurprisingly he isn’t happy with the job and wants the boys to fix it. The crew decide they need to hot rod the car with blue paint and white ice flames licking the length of the car.

But it doesn’t end there, and Davey is so pleased with the result that he decides he wants his boat to match. An unusual project for the crew, they are rarely asked to give boats this kind of treatment. Are they up to the challenge?

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