Want the latest and greatest LS motor from Chevy? This is it. The LS427/570 crate engine which produces 565bhp all normally-aspirated.

LS motors have been providing petrolheads with huge horsepower outputs for years and Chevy’s latest, the LS427/570 crate engine, is no different. The engine started life in the C6 Corvette as a 7.0-litre V8, but with some parts shoehorned in from the Camaro Z28, it becomes unique in its own way. From the Camaro comes the exhaust manifold, throttle body and flywheel, while new parts include a high-lift camshaft, valve springs and wet-sump lubrication to bring about some more power. Inside, it receives titanium con-rods, a forged steel crankshaft and CNC-ported cylinder heads.

The numbers stand for 427 cubic-inches and 570 horses, or 562bhp here. Apparent torque figures are claimed at a whopping 540lb ft.

Chevrolet states that its new LS427/570 crate engine is for competition use only, but we all know that won’t be stuck to… The engine is available to purchase, but the price of which is yet to be announced. We’ll update the page once we hear.