Posher than the Queen’s diamond-encrusted underclangers, that’s the only way to describe this BMW M3 E92 exhaust from US firm Borla. These guys started over 30-years ago making concours systems for Rolls-Royces and have been lovingly sculpting pant-wettingly beautiful stainless-steel art ever since.

But why are we only telling you this now? Well, it’s mostly because we can now actually get them here in the UK without Her Majesty’s customs taking a bite out of your wallet. That’s thanks toTarmac Sportz who are now bringing in a whole selection, including this drop-dead sexy item for the E92 M3.

None of them are cheap of course, but that’s kind of the point – you can’t hang the Mona Lisa on your wall for a fiver and a bag of chips, right?

And you can’t hang one of these on your motor without a couple of quid either. Although, in the quest for maximum kudos points, they actually seem like quite the bargain.

Price £1525

For more info see Tarmac Sportz