Didn’t spec heated seats on your BMW but now want them? That’ll be £35 per month, please. BMW has launched a monthly subscription service so you can access tech you didn’t spec when built.

With seemingly everything in today’s world being offered in a monthly subscription bundle, BMW has introduced a new subscription service that will allow vehicles owners to pay a monthly fee that will give them access to certain pieces of tech that weren’t originally specified when the car was built.

On the list are things like a heated steering wheel, which will cost you £10 a month, high beam assist, £10 per month, heated front seats, £35 per month and Driving Assistant Plus, £35 per month. These features join a list that already included an option for Apple Car Play.

BMW subscription service

For those who aren’t a fan of monthly fees, you can opt to buy the tech outright without the subscription. Believe it or not, there is even an option for Adaptive M Suspension, purchased outright at £399. This is only available on cars with the correct hardware, something you would confirm during the purchasing process. Once purchased, your car will notify you of an update before installing and adding new suspension options in the settings.

You can also add the IconicSounds Sport option that will “bring the characteristic sound of your BMW inside of the vehicle” for £99, so fake noise then…

Is the introduction of BMW subscription services greedy or a nice touch to add new tech on used vehicles?