Bentley Continental GT Limited Edition unveiled

Special-edition sports cars and supercars are sort of pointless, really. Manufacturers take the very best examples of their model range, the ones that have received the biggest research-and-development budgets to be the very best they can be in terms of performance, handling, equipment and refinement, and then they lavish a load of fancy extras upon them and sell them for a premium in a limited run. And every single one gets bought by a collector, who’ll lock it away in a private collection and never use it.

Bentley Continental GT rear-profile

Still, life’s too short to be bitter about that – to be fair, when you buy a car it’s nobody else’s damn business what you do with it. We love a special edition, and Bentley’s latest is particularly awesome because it’s got something that we really like and you don’t see enough of these days: race numbers painted on the grille. That’s something that just always looks cool, isn’t it? More people should do that.

Bentley Continental GT Limited Edition wheels

Obviously the imaginatively-named Continental GT Limited Edition is about more than just painting a number on the front – the Pike’s Peak graphics pay tribute to the record set in 2019 by Rhys Millen in a Conti GT, and it’s got a sweet carbon fibre bodykit and eye-searing Radium by Mulliner paintwork. All the chrome’s been refinished in gloss black, and it has painted calipers and Colour Edition Pirellis to match the mad paint. The 22-inch wheels are gloss black to tie in with all the interior and exterior trim, and there’s Radium stitching everywhere inside.

Bentley Continental GT Limited Edition interior

How much is it? Ah, there’s no point even asking, all fifteen of them will have been snapped up by wealthy collectors. But it looks great, doesn’t it? Nice to see Bentley being a bit mad, it’s refreshing.