This gorgeous Bayside Blue R34 GT-R has just gone up for sale. However, if you want it, you’ll need very deep pockets.

As I’m sure you know, the Nissan Skyline GT-R is one of the most prized models of Japanese performance car in existence, and none more so than the R34 generation. Powered by the most well-developed iteration of Nissan’s RB26-DETT motor, this all-wheel drive Godzilla is nothing short of a masterpiece. Featuring ATTESA E-TS differentials and Super-HICAS rear steering, these R34s were pretty advanced cars in their day, and as a result, they still hold up well in 2023.

Now, an immaculate example (finished in iconic Bayside Blue!) has gone up for sale with UK-based dealer, Appreciating Classics. Keep reading to find out more…

The rear end of a bayside blue R34 GT-R

Why People Love the R34 GT-R

Officially, the R34 GT-R produced 276hp, but if you know anything about the mid-90s Japanese gentleman’s agreement, you’ll know that the true figure is likely to be quite a bit higher. The true value attached to these cars though, isn’t really about their performance.

Don’t get me wrong, an R34 is no slouch. However, for many of the people who are now in the position to own one, these were the cars that they dreamed of owning as a teenager. The R34’s cultural prominence in film, video games, and the tuning scene in general – combined with its genuine sporting credentials – meant that it became the poster car for a golden era of Japanese performance vehicles. And as it turns out, those rose-tinted memories now translate into a very hefty price tag.

The interior of a Nissan Skyline GT-R R34.

Specs & Condition

Yep, AC has listed this Bayside Blue R34 GT-R for £260,000, which although lofty, is about right for an R34 in as good a condition as this.

It’s a V-Spec II example, meaning that it features a carbon hood (with NACA duct), and other sporting touches such as aluminum pedals. The car has just two previous owners and has travelled a mere 11,751 miles (18,912km) since rolling off the Nissan production line in 2001. You also get a six-speed manual gearbox, rather than the five-speeds that earlier R32s and R33s came with.

The condition of the car’s underside and interior is in remarkable condition for its age; the overall health of this R34 being graded as a high 4.5 when imported from Japan to the UK in 2015.

Parting with this kind of cash is undeniably something that you’ve got to consider carefully. However, you’ll be in safe hands with Appreciating Classics – a hugely reputable dealer of high-end, desirable cars. The folks over at AC have compiled a comprehensive advert for the car, listing every detail that you could possibly want. So, if you’re interested in turning your R34 dream into a reality, go ahead and click this link to find out more.

The engine bay of a Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R

From the Dealer’s Perspective

We spoke to Richard Beel, Co-founder & Director of Appreciating Classics, to get his take on the car:

“It is no secret that the GT-R range has been rising in value well over the past five-plus years. In fact, it does not feel long ago that we sold an R34 V Spec II with 25,000 miles for £60,000.00, and people questioned the ‘high’ price even then. Even more so when we advertised an R34 V Spec II Nur with 48,000 miles, single turbo conversion & other upgrades for £115,000 two and a half years ago.

“But prices have continued to rise, not only on GT-Rs, but many marques. This 11,000 mile R34 GT-R V Spec II has been through our workshop and had a full recommission service including belts & water pump. Plus, we have detailed the car to our high standards. After advertising the car only yesterday (22nd Feb 2023) it has had serious interest already.”

The front end of a Bayside Blue R34 GT-R.

Why are Prices Rising?

We’ve already given you our take, but what about somebody who lives and breathes the car trade business? Well, here’s what Richard thinks:

“The Japanese performance car market was long overlooked by many, but as the next generation of car enthusiasts and collectors get to a point in life where they can fulfil the dream of buying the car they lusted after in years gone by, only so many exceptional examples of such cars exist.

“With many of these types of cars now starting to become eligible for import into the USA, that has also had an impact. We have several cars in storage with us, where US-based customers have purchased a car from us and we look after the car until they can legally import it into the USA. One such car is the £115,000 V Spec II Nur I mentioned, which is now worth over £200,000. Not a bad 2-year investment!

“Whilst a lot of people do struggle to comprehend the collector’s market, the exceptional examples will always demand top sales values. Such as the 270-mile Impreza 22B we sold a couple of years ago. We advertised that car for £300,000 and it sold within a week to a Hong Kong collector. Dare I say that car will one day be a million-pound car. To many, the 22B is the ‘Ferrari F40 of a generation’ if that makes sense.

“That does not mean a poorly repainted, badly repaired, rusty, 80,000 mile 22B will ever be worth that as they are worlds apart. But the absolute top shelf examples of such cars will always be in high demand. We have seen old Mercedes and Ferraris sell for tens of millions. They are not ten times the car of a 22B or GT-R but that is not the point.”

The rear 3/4 of a Bayside Blue R34 GT-R.

How can Appreciating Classics help you?

A final note from Richard, on what Appreciating Classics is all about:

“We specialize in the collector’s market, be it in the UK, the USA, Hong Kong, or various other places around the world.

“We know just how difficult it is to find genuine, superb examples, and we understand what the collectors are looking for.

“It is not just JDM cars that we specialize in (although it could be said that is where my heart lays on a personal level). Anything very special, low mileage, and well cared for, then we have an interest.

“We also restore cars such as the GT-Rs, Imprezas, Evos and others, which is a really rewarding aspect of what we do; bringing a ‘nice’ car back to a stunning ‘like new’ car. Be it a simple dry ice blast, or a full strip to bare shell and rebuild.

“We are extremely fussy, but so are our customers, and rightly so when they expect the very best.”

To keep up with their projects and cars for sale, you can follow Appreciating Classics on both Facebook and Instagram.