Well, this sort of appeared out of the blue. Say hello to the Audi RS6 GTO. This is the work of 12 third-year apprentices and was built at Audi Sport’s Neckarsulm factory.

We love it when manufacturers put their trust in youngsters. It shows that not only is the future bright for us car enthusiasts, but it also shows that when given the chance, manufacturers can build some outrageous cars that we would absolutely feature if it was built by one of you lot.

This is the Audi RS6 GTO and it was built not only to showcase the talents of Audi’s apprentices, but also to celebrate the 40 year anniversary of Audi’s quattro four-wheel-drive technology. Those who’re fans of motorsport will notice that it emanates that of the Audi 90 quattro IMSA-GTO, which was driven by motorsport legends Walter Rohrl and Hans Stuck.

Audi RS6 GTO

“The RS6 GTO concept of our apprentices has turned out to be an incredibly great car. I am very proud of them and the results of their work,” says Helmut Stettner, Neckarsulm plant manager.

So, what’s different? Mechanically? Not much. Apart from a wheel change, the actual drive from the standard Audi RS6 is no different. Visually, though, it’s very different. Inside, in place of the plush rear passenger bench now resides a roll cage, while the front seats have gone from comfy to not-so-comfy with the addition of Recaro bucket seats and Schroth harnesses and the windows get cargo netting for ultimate motorsport points.

Audi RS6 GTO

On the outside, as already mentioned, the Audi RS6 GTO gets a new wheel design, as well as side-exit exhausts, because why the hell not?! There’s also that rear wing that comes into play, too, not to mention the livery which points straight towards that Audi 90 mentioned earlier.

Sadly, you can’t buy it and never will either, but that’s not to stop you from creating your own Audi RS6 GTO. And if you do, drop us an email, we’d very much like to see it… Let’s hope that these apprentices can influence Audi’s design language for decades to come.

Audi RS6 GTO