We know what you’re thinking. USB chargers: pretty bloody boring, eh? Well you’re wrong, because scientifically speaking, these are the absolute nuts!

When it comes to power accessories, Anker are nothing short of a behemoth in the States, where they’ve sold around 30 million chargers alone. But now their offerings are available on Amazon, they’re set to flood this side of the pond too.

What these guys do is produce the fastest chargers in the west. Products like the tiny, all-metal PowerDrive 2, which can juice up mobile devices 35 percent quicker than any standard charger. They also have beefier options, like the (USB and USB-C equipped) PowerDrive Speed+ 2, which not only kicks out a massive 30 watts, enough to effectively charge all the latest laptops, but it’s around four times faster than standard.

To be honest, we didn’t even know that was a thing. But we definitely want one and we want one now!

Priced from £8

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