ABT takes the VW Golf R Mk8 and puts its own spin on the recipe, cooking up 379bhp and 347lb-ft.

We know how tuneable the Mk7 Golf R was, utilising that EA888 turbocharged engine, you could cook up monstrous power figures with proper internal work, pushing around 700bhp in some instances. But for those looking for the more tame side of tuning, plug and play kits and ECU remaps were in abundance. Thankfully, with VW carrying over the EA888 with few revisions for the Mk8 Golf R, adjustments can again be made, with ABT offering a simple map which results in a whopping 379bhp and 347lb-ft of torque, that’s a 63bhp and 37lb-ft hike.

ABT VW Golf R Mk8

The power hike is as a result of ABT’s Engine Control Unit, which is available for all performance Golfs, including the GTD, but offers different power increases for each model. The Golf GTD, for example, gets treated to 227bhp and 325lb-ft of torque, up from 197bhp and 295lb ft.

The ABT VW Golf R Mk8 also features new wheels, with the option of either 19-inch ER-C wheels, or 20-inch ABT FR or Sport GR wheels.

Who wants one?