There are two things guaranteed by the launch of a new VW Golf. One, there’ll be a brilliant hot-hatch derivative and two, ABT will make it even better. Here’s the start of the ABT VW Golf Mk8 tuning programme.

It seems only five minutes ago that VW unveiled the Mk8 Golf and ABT has already rolled off a few products in a long list of modifications that will become available in time.

The first of which is the ABT Sportline lowering springs, which drops the ride height all round by between 25 and 30mm. With the new, lower ride height comes a more aggressive stance and improved handling. ABT also says that this will also be suitable with cars that feature the adaptive chassis control (DCC).

ABT VW Golf Mk8 side-profile

Also unveiled are three wheel designs that will further help fill those wheel arches, no one likes huge arch gap, come on. The ABT ER-C is available in 18 or 19 inch size with either 225/40 R18 tyres or 225/35 R19. The second is the FR-C, which is a diamond-machined wheel in black available only in 20 inch size, with 235/30 R20 tyres. The last design is the Sport GR wheel, which again is diamond-machined and a 20 inch size but finished in matt black.

ABT predicts that by the summer there’ll be a comprehensive list of performance upgrades for both petrol and diesel options.

ABT VW Golf road test