“Casting Call” World “Fast and Furious 6” Premiere Modified Car Display – Rules for Submission

Set out below are the rules you must follow if you wish to submit your car for selection for the event, and some guidelines on the event itself. If you/your car can’t meet these requirements then you should not submit your car for selection.  Please note that if your car is selected you will be given more information on the event itself and will required to sign a “release and disclaimer” document as a condition to attending the event. Please also note that there may be costs associated with attending the event (more information below).

Submission Details:
To submit your car for selection you must complete the online form, attaching a current photo of your car

You must be the owner of the car in order to enter it in this competition. Your car must be road legal, registered, taxed and MOT’d. It must be capable of being driven into Leicester Square Gardens, London.  You must hold fully comprehensive car insurance for you and your vehicle.

Please also include your name, address, age, daytime contact telephone number and email address.

Universal will select up to 30 cars – the selection process will begin as soon as entries are received and will continue until a maximum of 30 winners have been selected (or by 30 April 2013, at the latest).

We are looking for the cars we deem to be the most aesthetically aligned with the “Fast and Furious” franchise.

The Event:  
If selected, you and your car will have the opportunity to take part in the modified car display to be held by the Universal in London’s Leicester Square in conjunction with the World “Fast and Furious 6” Premiere on 7 May 2013. (Note that tickets to the premiere are not included with the event, and you will be required to remain with your car for the duration of the event).

You and your car will need to be available on 7 May 2013 from 7am until late.

You must pay all your own expenses related to attending the event, including without limitation, the London Congestion Charge, petrol, insurance and meals.

You may be required to take part in publicity associated with the car display and may be required to wear “Fast and Furious 6” themed clothing items.

In the unlikely event Universal has to cancel the event, we will endeavour to provide you with prior notice of the cancellation.