Ever wanted to own one of the world’s most fearsome Nissan GT-R R35 dragster builds? Well, now’s your chance… assuming you’ve got deep pockets. 

Drag racing isn’t for the faint-hearted, especially when you start to get involved at the truly elite level of the sport. When things get serious, the competitors’ highly-tuned machines begin to lose their identity as mere cars, and instead take on the form of something that’s arisen from the darkest corners of a deviant rocket scientist’s mind. The Extreme Turbo Systems R35 GT-R is a great example of that. In stock form, the Nissan GT-R is a remarkable car, but this monster is something else entirely. And now, ETS is letting it out into the wild…

ETS Nissan GT-R rolling burnout

Extreme Turbo Systems GT-R for sale

If you’re a regular visitor to Fast Car, you might recognize this blue Godzilla. That’s because we showcased it in a feature on the world’s most powerful Nissan GT-R last year on, however if you can’t remember what this build is all about, here are the key headlines:

Built by Extreme Turbo Systems, and driven by the fearless Gidi Chamdi, this 2014-model GT-R has outputs 3500hp from its 4.3-liter bespoke engine. Unless you know otherwise, we’re pretty sure that’s a current GT-R world record. Oh, and speaking of records, Gidi and the GT-R managed to cover the quarter-mile in just 6.5 seconds back in 2019, which no other R35 has been able to match since. So, essentially what you’re buying here isn’t just an R35 dragster, it’s a piece of tuning history.

For more specific details on this build, feel free to go back and read our feature on the car, or check out the full spec sheet that ETS has provided below:

Extreme Turbo R35 dragster spec sheet

Why sell a car like this?

Given how much ETS and Gidi have achieved together, it does beg the question as to why they would even want to sell the car to somebody new. Here’s the explanation that the company gave for its decision:

“TX2k24 will be different for ETS in that we will not be racing any of our cars this year. This mainly has to do with a transition of our flagship car from the GT-R to the C8 Corvette. Additionally, we will have the blue GT-R on display at TX2K, and it will be for sale!

“This is no typo, and it is purely a business decision. We have had some internal changes to our crew, and we are going to focus more on the C8 Corvette. Consequently, our racing relationship with Gidi Chamdi will be on hold, as we just don’t need such a caliber of driver for an 8-second C8.

“While the GT-R was a great experience for both ETS and Gidi, the trips from Florida to Washington for testing are tough on everyone………and with the C8, there will be a lot of testing. lol. We have had nothing but fun and success (records and wins) with Gidi and May. We part on good terms, and although we would love to continue with the mid 6-second GTR, the C8 is just a fresh market that we can’t ignore.

“So come by and check out the car one last time [at TX2K24] before it puts that 6-second smile on the new owner’s face, whomever that may become.”

interior of most powerful nissan gt-r

How much will it cost?

Such a specialized vehicle won’t come cheap, and it’s not just your bank balance that could prove a stumbling block to owning and running this car. A six-second machine like this is a piece of precision equipment which you can’t just expect to perform on command. It’ll require the attention of somebody who’s a skilled mechanic and tuner, or somebody who has a team of mechanics/engineers around them to support their exploits on the drag strip.

ETS is also willing to offer the car in a variety of guises aimed at different budgets. Buying the car as it is; i.e. complete, and ready to race, will set you back $285,000, however ETS has laid out a full breakdown of the possible pricing in the following chart:

GT-R R35 drag car for sale

Check out the video below to see this insane car in action!