2017 marks the 25th anniversary of the Honda Type R and at this year’s Japfest Silverstone on April 30th, Torque GT, the leading Japanese car import specialist in the UK, will be bringing a very special display showcasing the evolution of the Type R from its origins through to the latest models.

The display will showcase the entire Type R range since its incarnation; from the original Type R, the NA1 and NA2 NSX-R, to a JDM spec EP3 and FD2 Mugen RR, right the way to present day FK2. Back in 1992, the NSX-R kicked off the Type R craze that has ultimately influenced markets across the world. The NSX in base form rocked the supercar helm on a performance front, pushing the boundaries for what performance cars could do and at a significantly lower cost. The gap between sports car and supercar narrowed further with the introduction of the NSX-R. Weight was down thanks to Honda engineers ditching the standard seats for Carbon Kevlar Recaro’s, power steering, traction control, sound deadening and other electronics all in pursuit of lightness. The final weight figure sat at 1230kg, meaning the mid-engined 3.0-litre V6 powered NSX-R had blistering performance, which were honed in for track use.

Torque GT Honda Type R Anniversary Display at Japfest

Also on display with Torque GT will be an equally as impressive car, the FD2 Mugen RR. Exclusive to Japan, only 300 of these Mugen-spec’d cars were built, all in Milano Red. Weight was down to 1255kg and power was upped to 240hp thanks to the addition of Mugen cams, exhaust system and ECU. Considered to be a collector’s item, only a handful of Mugen RR’s have been imported into the UK, so now’s your chance to see one in the flesh.

Make sure you head over to the Torque GT stand located in the Paddocks, where you’ll have the rare chance to the entire Type R range grouped together in this anniversary year and talk to members of the Torque GT team who will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Make a note and set a reminder to head over to the track at 10.20 when the group will take to the famous Silverstone circuit for a parade lap followed by some hot laps from the NA2 NSX-R. For more info see Torque GT

Images Frytography