If you like your Japanese metal, chances are this ain’t the first time you’ve seen this monster of an R35. It was built by the Japanese driving god Smoky Nagata as a development car for Top Secret, the world famous tuning specialists.

Top Secret Nissan GT-R R35

Anything Top Secret produces gets a lot of attention, but this 1,100–plus bhp GT-R grabbed the headlines for winning the Nardo High Speed Challenge in 2013 with an outrageous record speed of 377.242kph. Yes, that’s exactly 234.407mph!


Well, we’re pleased to announce that one of the most famous cars in the world will be on the Fast Car magazine stand at Japfest Rock! That’s right, the Top Secret Nissan GT-R is in the UK and thanks to its new owner Lewis Petrie you will be able to see it in the flesh.

Top Secret Nissan GT-R R35

So make sure you get to Rockingham Speedway for Japfest Rock! on the 26th June and come to check it out!