See the FireForce 3 Jet Car at The Performance Vauxhall Show this Sunday at Santa Pod

No event at Santa Pod would be complete without the staggeringly fast FireForce 3 Jet Car powering up the strip!  FireForce 3 is a world record-breaking Jet Funny Car, clocking the fastest terminal speed of any jet powered car on the planet and you can see it at The Performance Vauxhall Show this Sunday.

The Chevrolet Lumina bodied machine has a Pratt and Whitney JFTD12A (J60) engine from a Sikorsky CH-54A Skycrane Helicopter in its chrome-moly constructed chassis. This develops approximately 10,000hp, as it guzzles 120 litres of aviation fuel per appearance on track which last around only 6 seconds!

The driver experiences mind boggling G forces in this machine, with up to 4G during acceleration and up to 7G negative during deceleration. The stopping power of this incredibly fast car comes from two quad form parachutes used in conjunction with independent hydraulic brakes systems.

The car is driven using throttle / afterburner control to determine the thrust from the jet. The Jet Car has explosive thrust of over 5500lbs which is enough for you to blink and miss it so make sure you head to the banking and feel the force!

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