This year, Japfest Donington on Saturday 1st July 2017 is hosting The MSA Time Attack Championship

2017 is destined to be one of the most memorable seasons ever for the MSA Time Attack Championship. Celebrating its 12th consecutive season, Time Attack visits Donington Park for the first time since 2007. The calendar features many of the UK’s best circuits and comprises eight rounds at seven different venues including this years Japfest Donington.

Originating on the racetracks of Japan, Time Attack has evolved to become one of the most significant and engaging motorsport phenomena of our time. It has captivated audiences and inspired an entire generation of enthusiasts from around the globe, who will do whatever it takes to achieve the fastest lap of the day.

It defines the art of focused car modification by providing aftermarket tuners – both amateur and professional – with a platform on which to prove themselves in the most convincing way possible. It embraces the complete spectrum of tuning levels – from a road-based trackday car to a full-blown, mega-horsepower monster – and rewards drivers who achieve ultimate success in each of the categories and classes.

The art of registering the quickest lap-time on a circuit using a production-based car, with no power or upgrade limitations, is a true test of man and machine versus the clock. It’s about running a car to its absolute limit and beyond; on the knife-edge of engine power, traction and response; on the limits of handling, chassis set-up and down force, whilst maintaining reliability and, above all, speed.

Introduced in 2006, the UK Time Attack Championship has grown into the largest and most professional series of its kind in the world. It attracts drivers and teams from all corners of the UK as well as overseas, with an eclectic mix of cars that many of the 1000s of spectators and on-line supporters who follow the championship can readily relate to.Competition is split into three sessions and then further split into classes to make things ultra competitive – all of which will be revealed nearer to the event

The day features four sessions of up to 20-minutes long for each of the categories: Warm-up, Practice, Qualifying and the Final. Results are calculated from the times set in the Final session, with points scored towards championship positions based on the results from Qualifying (half-points) and the Final. Not scoring points, but adding to the mix, are the competitors who make a one-off appearance during the year or choose to compete in selected events.

This offer to teams and drivers has brought with it some great cars and impressive performances and provides yet another exciting element to the eclectic diversity that is Time Attack.

For more information and to find out how to enter see Time Attack and for ticket info please see Japfest Donington.