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Rally history in action at The Fast Car Festival

Rally history in action at The Fast Car Festival

Posted by Matt Bell on 20th July 2016

The golden age of European rallying was without doubt the ‘70s through to the early ’90s. From the glory days of the RAC Rally, that saw Ford Escorts sliding around soggy British stages, to the wild turbo-powered Group B era where four-wheel drive, huge horsepower and four rings ruled them all.

Finally onto the nineties where past masters Lancia made way for the new school in the form of Japanese makers Toyota, Subaru and Mitsubishi.

At The Fast Car Festival we’re celebrating a time when rallying was simpler, faster and more dramatic! The Melbourne Loop section of Donington will be popping and banging to the sounds of anti-lag equipped monsters such as the Peugeot 205 T16, Toyota Celica and Ford Sierra Cosworth taking on a special stage all weekend.

Pug T16

We have teamed up with Rallying History, an MSA Rally Club of rally car owners who like nothing more than taking their pride and joys around a stage at full throttle!

In addition to the Group B superstars like a pair of MG Metro 6R4s, an Audi Quattro and a Ford RS200 we also have a selection of their rear-wheel drive predecessors. The Ford Escort makes an appearance as does the Lancia Fulvia HF1600 and even a Fifties VW Beetle!

It’s safe to say that we’re showcasing the widest range of rally cars seen in action at any UK show this summer. Don’t miss out on this opportunity at The Fast Car Festival over the weekend of 30th-31st July at Donington Park.