There’s just three things you need to know about the SEMA (Speciality Equipment Market Association Show) – it’s the biggest, baddest and most important modified car show on the planet.

Now, I’m not saying that other events aren’t truly amazing, just that the sheer scale of SEMA dwarfs everything else your likely to experience. In my mind, it also perfectly demonstrates the only way to fully appreciate the unhinged craziness that is the US of A.

Of course, you can go to any cinema and see some pretty bonkers all-American culture. You can also hit the web for stuff like tractor pulling or monster trucks, and even watch Pat Butcher munching hash brownies on the telly.

But to witness the full mentalism that defines what goes on across the Atlantic there’s no more enlightening experience than getting over there and dragging your ‘ass’ to SEMA.

Anyway, here’s some of our highlights so far. We’ll add more photos as we get them right here. Enjoy!