We hit the prestigious Meguair’s BBQ Club and luckily the only bangers on view were chargrilled!

As the golden leaves fall to the floor and we reach for our winter coats, summer is but a distant memory, but by god, did we have a relentless heat wave-infused few months. I’m not one of these people who complains about the cold in winter and the heat when the sun comes out, but I was close on a few occasions this summer, as the temperature didn’t seem to drop below 30-degrees for weeks on end.

This kind of heat is lovely when you’re sitting next to a pool with a Piña colada in hand and an inviting air-conditioned room at your disposal, but it’s not so great in offices and houses that have more insulation than an Eskimo’s underclangers!

So when Meguiar’s booked their annual BBQ for one summer Sunday, the sunshine in England’s hottest summer since 1976 was just a formality, right? Erm, no…

As it turns out, they seemed to have booked the only wet weekend in three months of non-stop UV rays. Did this stop the cars turning up, the BBQ being lit and people having a good time? Did it hell.

In fact, it was almost a refreshing change from the sahara-esque climate we’d been experiencing and the perfect opportunity to show off the beading qualities of Meguiar’s products.

Meguiars BBQ 2018

The Meguiar’s BBQ Club’s first event was way back in 2012. And apart from one year when it became the Breakfast Club, it has been a regular on the Meguiar’s calendar. Held at their Daventry based head quarters it’s an opportunity for them to give something back to their loyal customer base.

Tom Clarke, Senior Marketer for Meguiar’s told us: “We go to around 50 shows a year and get to see some of the best cars in the UK. Ford, Jap, VW, modified and standard. When at these shows we realised that the top cars and owners are so engrossed in ‘their car world’ they rarely get time to see other top cars. So simply, we try to bring these cars and owners together.”

He added: “It’s not about be the cleanest car or the fastest but bringing likeminded people together, sticking a BBQ on and hanging out. No sales, no demo of product, just a BBQ with a family vibe, and a bunch of top cars chilling in the yard.”

So there you go, it’s an informal event for Meguiar’s sponsored cars, brand ambassadors alike and a few VIPs. How we got in we’ll never know. Anyway, roll the pictures…

Words & Photos Slim Jules