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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 12th September 2018

Manchester’s EventCity is a truly colossal venue, and one totally in-keeping with the scope of the FittedUK show. This event has established itself as one of the must-attend shows on the UK calendar, an extravaganza of the sort of cars you’re likely to see within these hallowed pages along with oodles of surprises.

With over 300,000 feet of floorspace to fill, the organisers of FittedUK work hard to entice the very best builds from across Europe, and 2018 was an amazing showcase of cutting-edge projects and established favourites. It’s not just the headline stance efforts that work so hard to steal the limelight either, you find race cars, bikes, supercars, all sorts gleaming under the acres of ice-white strip lights. The key criterion for entry is simply that the car is cool – the team love to provide a bit of variety, so anything that’s stock, modified, rusty, financed, daily driven, track driven, stanced, classic, or just plain crazy is considered – look over the photos; you’ll see what we mean.

Fans of retro metal had lots to enjoy here from the gorgeously painted old-school Civic lowrider and the broad-hipped brown Renault 5 Turbo 2, to E30s, Jettas and Mk4 Escorts, while the new wave was represented by a sea of ’bagged VAG builds, hot Mustangs, Maserati Gran Turismos and, hey, even a Toyota iQ. See, everything has potential.

With the insanely hot summer we’ve had, it was also quite pleasant to have the opportunity to stand inside what’s essentially a great big warehouse for a bit. Nice and chilled. The fact that it was filled by all of the scene’s most aspirational cars was simply a bonus. See you there next year, then?

 Words Dan Bevis Photography Lukasz Markowski

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