Your new favourite place, Caffeine & Machine has opened up just outside Stratford-upon-Avon. We went to the opening day to munch on a sausage and drink in the atmosphere…

Petrolheads rejoice: we’ve got a new hangout, and it rocks. Caffeine & Machine sits just outside Ettington, Warwickshire, and it offers something unique in the field of our favourite activity (which is standing about and looking at cars) – imagine a sort of upmarket Ace Café, crossed with a Mayfair private members club, set in a woodland surrounding, with the beguiling aromas of coffee and sausages wafting about the place. Pretty inviting, right?

The brainchild of a chap named Phil McGovern, Caffeine & Machine is a café, a pub, a guest house, but most of all a place where you can guarantee that whenever you drop in for a brew, whatever time of year, there will always be a selection of cool cars scattered about the place for you to drool over.

It hasn’t been created for the sake of tongue-in-cheek novelty, there’s no crap Route 66 signs or flashy neon – it’s just a cool, laid-back vibe, impeccably crafted, super-premium and yet totally accessible.

We went along for the opening day, and were frankly blown away by the quality and diversity of the cars on display. We rocked up in a Le Mans Casio-liveried Toyota GT86 because that’s just how we roll, and were directed to park on display among the trees with a Makinen Evo, Hemi ’Cuda, Delta Integrale, Bonneville Octavia, and a 488 GTB. This pretty much sums up the diversity of the place.

And elsewhere we found hot rods, drift weapons, widebody 911s, boxfresh SVO Jaguars, rally cars, aircooled VeeDubs, retro supercars – it’s a constantly shifting scenescape, and every day you visit will provide a different selection of automotive treats.

You should check it out for more info see Caffeine & Machine

Words and photos Daniel Bevis