It’s time to vote for your Car of the Year 2018…

Since January 2018’s issue hit the shelves, we’ve featured 94 cars – all of which were awesome! But which one was the most awesome? Well, that’s a matter of opinion and although our Slim Jules sees himself as the Simon Cowell of the car world, the only fair way to crown the best build of 2018 is to let you, the public, decide.

We’ve whittled the 94 contenders down to the top 35 – basically because we didn’t have enough room for everyone (we’re sorry if you’re one of the 59 who hasn’t made the cut. We still love you). It’s now down to you to choose the winner.

Voting is open, but will close at midnight on 16 December – please don’t vote after this date as your vote won’t count and you might still be charged. You won’t really be charged. It’s free. We’ve just always wanted to say that.

You have one vote and one vote only, so use it wisely!

And, the nominations are…

And the winner is…

The winner (as well as the runners-up) of Fast Car’s 2018 Car of the Year Award will be announced in February’s edition of the magazine, on sale Friday 4 January 2019.

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