A small 3-cylinder engine wasn’t going to deter Laird Performance from developing a tuning platform for the Mk8 Fiesta ST. And the reward for its efforts is the title of the fastest Mk8 Fiesta in the world.

Ross is no stranger to building fast Ford project cars. After all, he’s lost count of how many he actually owns at this point. See, Ross is the owner of Laird Performance, a company dedicated to pushing the boundaries of the latest hot Ford products. Needless to say, the 3-cylinder engine found in the Mk8 ST wasn’t going to deter Ross. No, instead he’s poured countless hours into developing a Mk8 ST tuning platform to create what can be considered the fastest Mk8 Fiesta ST in the world.

Developing 310hp and completing the ¼ mile in 13.4 seconds, Ross reckons it’s around 0.2 seconds quicker than the next quickest Mk8 ST time. Not bad considering this is a track car and the run was without drag tyres nor a drag setup.

Ford Fair

Laird Performance at Ford Fair 2024

We’re proud to have Laird Performance on board as Ford Fair’s 2024 headline sponsor. The team at Laird will be bringing all of their cars down to the event and Ross is hoping to have the Mk4 Focus ST track car running in optimum condition ahead of the event. You can catch Ross and the team at the event where you can have a nosey around this pocket rocket, while also seeing the cars take to the track.

Modified Fiesta ST Mk8 engine modifications

To develop 310hp from that small 1.5-litre 3-cylinder engine, Ross has had to think outside of the box. No one had developed a turbo option that was going to substantially increase power. So they set about opening up the turbo housing, machining it and fitting larger custom blades. The result is a custom hybrid turbo that has boosted output from 220hp to 310.

Supporting the hybrid turbo is a full SD performance intake, as well as a Laird-developed Outlaw intercooler to keep the temperatures in control. A new Outlaw turbo-back exhaust not only improves performance, but also sounds wicked! Oh, and last but not least, there’s also a meth injection kit, too.

world's fastest fiesta st mk8 engine interior of mk8 st

Chassis modifications

In the chassis department, Ross has elected for camber plates, BC Racing coilovers, Sparco wheels and an SD performance big brake kit (including a 218mm rear big brake kit). The most obvious thing to note on the exterior is that wing. It’s gigantic. Built by MGC it dominates the ST’s presence. Backing up the aggression is a Maxton rear diffuser.

side profile shot of world's fastest fiesta st mk8 rear shot of world's fastest fiesta st mk8

What’s next for the modified Ford Fiesta ST Mk8?

Ross plans on continuing the Mk8 ST tuning development, with his eyes set on a new turbo. Laird Performance is working alongside a turbo manufacturer to build something bigger. The next problem, however, is fuelling. Ross is hoping that a bigger turbo could squeeze some more performance before having to look at upgrading the fuel system.

Can’t make Ford Fair?

Don’t panic. There’s also Ford Fest! This year sees the end-of-season Ford festival return on September 22. Now at its new home of Mallory Park Circuit in Leicestershire, Ford Fest brings together modern and classic Blue Ovals of all ages. Plus, being at a picturesque race circuit, offers both a family friendly and relaxed showground alongside the fast-paced track action too. It offers something for every Ford fan.
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