Enter the world of Fast Fords. From classic icons such as Sierra and Escort RS Cosworths right through to modern masterpieces like a 1000 horsepower Focus RS, this Ford collection has got everything!

Grant Butler is a true Ford enthusiast. He has curated a collection of stunning modified Fords that will leave any car enthusiast in awe. From classic models to high-performance beasts, his collection showcases the best that Ford has to offer. We’ve even featured a few on FastCar.co.uk in the past. But now we’re back, and this time we’ve been invited to lift the lid on his entire fast Ford collection! Let’s take a closer look at some of the standout cars in the lineup…

Modified Escort RS Cosworth

Iconic Ford Escort RS Cosworth

Grant’s collection includes not one, but two Ford Escort RS Cosworths. One heavily  modified, and one in factory original spec means Grant has the best of both worlds. These iconic fast Fords are highly sought after among Ford enthusiasts, and Grant has taken the performance of his tuned Escort Cossie to the next level. With a ground-up restoration and custom modifications, it not only look incredible but also pack a punch under the bonnet. The interior has been completely transformed with a full retrim using premium leather and custom designs – including a leather-clad dash. The power output has been boosted to an impressive 400+ horsepower, making it a force to be reckoned with on the road and one of Grant’s personal favourites of his entire Ford collection!

Modified Sierra RS Cosworth in a garage

Ford Sierra RS Cosworth – Where It All Began

To truly appreciate Grant’s passion for modified Fords, we need to take a trip back in time to the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth. These cars hold a special place in Grant’s heart, as they sparked his love for modified cars from a young age. With their powerful engines and sleek designs, the Sierra Cosworths are the epitome of ’90s cool. Grant’s collection includes a three-door Sierra RS Cosworth and a later 4×4 Sapphire Cosworth, both of which have been tastefully modified to enhance their performance and aesthetics. Oh, and he’s on the hunt for a rear-wheel-drive Sapphire Cosworth to complete the trilogy, naturally!


The Most Powerful Ford Focus RS in the UK

Amidst the collection of classic Fords, there is one modern machine that stands out – Grant’s Ford Focus RS. We’ve featured this car on the site before, so be sure to click the link to read full story on this truly remarkable fast Ford.

Nicknamed Blaze, this car holds a special place in Grant’s heart as his pride and joy. With over 1,000 horsepower under the hood, this Focus RS is a true beast. And it’s fully road legal! Grant has not held back when it comes to customization, with a full custom paint job, unique body mods, and a meticulously crafted interior – something of a signature upgrade for Grant. This car has become an iconic symbol of Grant’s dedication to pushing the limits of performance, and is perhaps the car is best known for in the Ford community.

Heavily modified Ford Mondeo Mk4 Estate

Unique Ford Mondeo

While much of Grant’s collection consists of performance-oriented Fords, he also likes to have a daily driver that stands out from the crowd. Based on the top-spec Titanium X model with added Sports pack Grant’s Mondeo is an ideal daily driver for any Ford fan. But Grant’s Mk4 Mondeo has received a unique makeover, featuring a striking wrap and custom wheels that set it apart from the rest. While this car may not have the same power as some of the other fast Fords in his collection, it demonstrates Grant’s creativity and ability to turn an ordinary car into something extraordinary.

Modified mint green Ford Escort RS Turbo

RS Turbo Rep: A Sleeper with a Twist

Grant’s Escort RS Turbo replica has a soft spot in his heart, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to leave it alone. Far from it. Grant has big plans for this car! While it’s not a genuine Series 1 RS Turbo, Grant’s mint green replica is based on a tidy XR3i and already boasts genuine Series 1 RS Turbo parts, from the bonnet and bodykit, through interior and down to the CVH Turbo engine. But that’s not staying. This one is a long-term project for Grant, and he plans to take this sleeper to another level by installing a full Mk2 Focus ST 2.5-litre five-cylinder engine and six-speed gearbox to his featherweight Mk3 Escort!. By combining the reliable and powerful Focus ST engine with the timeless charm of the Escort body, this project promises to be irresistible! We can’t wait to see it completed!

Wide-arch Focus RS Mk2

Focus RS – Mean Green Track Machine

Grant has yet another modified Ford Focus RS in his impressive Ford collection. It’s yet another magazine front cover star. And yet again, this car has undergone a significant transformation to become a unique and eye-catching machine. Grant intended Blaze, the 1000bhp monster, to be a show car. Therefore, he built Shadow – named for its once stealthy shade and because it lived in Blaze’s shadow – so that he could have something to use on track too.

The car underwent changes such as new bumpers, body modifications, custom interior, suspension and brake upgrades, a full wrap in matt grey and more. The result was a truly one-of-a-kind machine that stands out from the crowd. But things never stay the same for long in Grant’s hands. An unfortunate accident while unloading it from a trailer one day forced Grant to rethink his plans. Rather than restoring the car to its original look, he opted for something entirely different and the bright green re-wrap was the result.

Interior shot of two men driving in a Ford Sierra RS Cosworth

Driving his Ford Collection!

What sets Grant’s collection apart is not just the impressive array of modified Fords, but also his commitment to actually driving these cars. He believes that people should enjoy their cars and not just preserve them for show.. Grant takes every opportunity to get behind the wheel of his cars and experience the thrill of watching the boost gauge climb and the rev counter bounce of the limiter. His passion for driving is at the core of his Ford collection and is a passion that resonates with car enthusiasts everywhere, including us!

See these Cars at Ford Fair and Ford Fest 2024

You can see Grant and some of his stunning fast Fords at two epic shows in 2024; Ford Fair and Ford Fest. Click the links to find out more about each event and don’t forget to book your tickets today! See you there!