Mk2 Fiat Punto stanced air ride

Dan Hawke’s stanced Mk2 Fiat Punto on air ride

We all have to start somewhere, and more often than not, we don’t get things right first time. Whether it’s your first fiddle with a bra strap, passing your driving test, or in this case, your first crack at modding a car, it all takes time to perfect. But, as long as you learn from it, you can come back stronger and better.

Mk2 Fiat Punto stanced air ride

That’s exactly what Dan Hawke has done. “I always wanted to modify a car,” says the 25-year-old joiner, “and I must admit, I made it a bit chavy to start with,” he laughs.
Mk2 Fiat Punto stanced air ride

The cheap multi-spoke rims and other bits did his Punto no favours at all. Fortunately, he didn’t leave it like that for long. “I joined the Punto Mk2 forum and got loads of inspiration from other members,”comments Dan. After some careful research, he began the little Italian’s makeover.

Mk2 Fiat Punto stanced air ride
“I took it to a bodyshop to get the bumper and mirrors colour-coded,” he says. “I then got an Abarth rear bumper, and had the bonnet, boot and front bumper smoothed,” he adds. With things looking far more respectable, he headed to Mod Nats, but he wasn’t satisfied. “I wanted to be at a level where everyone noticed the car,” he says.

Mk2 Fiat Punto stanced air ride

“My mate is mad into his Dubs, so he found me the ATS Cups,” recalls Dan. They were in a proper state, but nothing a trip to Pristine Alloys couldn’t fix. “They diamond turned them and redrilled the centre bore so they’d fit,” says a very pleased Dan. “I then fitted some coilovers, rolled the arches and got a nice stance,” he says.

Mk2 Fiat Punto stanced air rideMk2 Fiat Punto stanced air ride

With things progressing nicely, Dan decided to go all out. “I sold my install to fund air-ride,” he explained. “I stripped it all down in my garage, fitted the bags, and my mate resprayed it for me.” With a full drop on air, those ATS Cups look sweet as a nut, tucked up in the Punto’s arches.

Mk2 Fiat Punto stanced air ride

Next up, the interior was fettled. “I fitted Alfa 147  leather seats as they bolt straight in,” confirms Dan. “My mate who does fibreglassing, smoothed the dash and then it was flocked.” With the pillars and roof lining covered in tasty suede, the interior is now more supercar than shopping car. Tidy.
Mk2 Fiat Punto stanced air ride

So after a false start that’s best forgotten, full marks to Dan the man for raising his game with this sweet take on a Punto. Nice work fella!
Mk2 Fiat Punto stanced air ride

OEM front bumper smoothed; Abarth rear bumper and sideskirts smoothed; tailgate, fuel filler cap and scuttle panel all smoothed; bonnet extended and smoothed; colour-coded mirrors; locks, handles and badges all removed and smoothed; Angel Eye headlights; Mk.2 rear lights; smoked repeaters; single wiper; tinted sun strip; resprayed red.

15-inch diamond turned ATS Cups with 165/55×15 stretched tyres; 20mm spacers all round; rear camber adjusted; air-ride.

Most of interior flocked including dash, glovebox with dial holder, floor & rear door cards; smoothed front door cards; suede A, B and C pillars; suede roof lining; CC centre console and screen holder; CC air tank; Richbrook gearknob; Sparco pedals; Alfa 147 black leather seats; Audi TT air vents; custom screen housing.

Sony headunit with screen and Phoenix Gold components in doors.