Say hello to the Project II Audi Q8, the second car launched from luxury modifiers Sterling Automotive Design.

PROJECT II AUDI Q8 Sterling side-profile

It’s basically the Q8 you know and love, but with a British twist. Think of a German, like Jurgen Klopp, but in a tweed suit, down the Rose & Crown drinking a G&T, you get the idea.

PROJECT II AUDI Q8 Sterling Automotive front

The 16-piece Sterling Automotive package provides 22-inch custom alloy wheels and bronze callipers, extended and exaggerated front vent surrounds with incorporated splitter elements, dynamic rear diffuser enhancements, a two-piece split roof wing and a full exterior black-pack.

PROJECT II AUDI Q8 Sterling Automotive open

However, inside is where the party really gets started, which makes sense, as that’s where you spend most of your time. The original front and rear seats have been re-upholstered in 3D panelled and perforated leather with heating elements and cooling systems along with Sterling Automotive embossed branding details.

Sterling Automotive seat

The front arm rests, door cards and central arm rest are also re-upholstered in matching trim, whilst the gear selector is retrimmed in leather featuring exclusive stamped branding details.

AUDI Q8 Sterling Automotive upholstery

The front and rear feature luxury ‘soft touch’ 1500gm carpets that not only add a new level of comfort (especially if you take your shoes off in the car) and also help to reduce road noise in the cabin.

PROJECT II AUDI Q8 Sterling back seat

Inside and out, Project II blends bespoke British hand-crafted attention to detail to Audi’s awesome engineering. Quite simply the Audi Q8 has everything, the Sterling Automotive Project II Q8 has even more.

PROJECT II AUDI Q8 Sterling front seat