We take a look at Craig’s ultra-rare, ultra-wide VAD modified Nissan GT-R complete with 670bhp.

As just one of two VAD wide-bodied R35’s in the UK, it’s hard to see why there aren’t more out there. The smooth lines take on a new look with the blended carbon fiber body and the huge spoiler is an impressive addition.

It goes without saying, this is a stunning build, so we spoke to owner Craig Bloomfield to hear all about this gorgeous R35. The rarity factor is a winner for any modified car enthusiast but this modified Nissan GT-R has fulfilled a lifelong goal for Craig, he says “I’ve peaked, this is the one.”

Side profile shot of modified nissan gt-r

A little present to himself

After wanting a Nissan Skyline from the age of 10, it was finally the right time for Craig to treat himself to his dream car. “I bought this in the first lockdown so it was my covid present to myself.” The pandemic was a tough time for us all but if the only thing to make it better was to buy a car like this, then we fully support that decision.

Had the right one not come along, “the original plan was to look at buying a stock one and doing all the work myself.” Thankfully, this one saved Craig a lot of time and money and it was spot on for two reasons: “1) Purple. 2) It’s a wide arch but it’s a blended full carbon fiber body kit not a bolt on. It’s different, it’s wide, it’s got that stance, it turns heads.” Craig also added a homage to the Godzilla with a new number plate: GO09 LLA.

VAD wide body kit on modified nissan gt-r

Why this modified Nissan GT-R?

This particular 2009 VAD Design wide-bodied R35 GT-R started out as MeisterR’s demo car in 2010. To make it a standout demo car, it had everything done to it, so after years of experience modifying cars, Craig realized buying one already modded would be the best way to get his dream car. “It’s cheaper to buy one done and put your own stamp on it as opposed to starting from scratch.”

The carbon fiber bodywork was a big plus too. Instead of bolting on, the bodywork blends seamlessly, creating a natural wide-bodied shape. Finding this example at the right time and place, “was one of those life goals achieved.” Since then, it’s been an opportunity for Craig to make it his own and work out exactly what needs doing to make it perfect.


Progress so far on the modified Nissan GT-R

Whilst the car was in good condition, it needed a bit of attention to get it looking its best. “I’ve changed the rear lights, added the rear spoiler and mechanically it’s basically been rebuilt front to back, everything underneath is new, it’s been off the road for the last year while it’s been having the work done.”

It’s also been tuned by Knight Racer in Milton Keynes to take it to a stage 4.25 which is around 670bhp. “It’s had new suspension, all new arms underneath, completely undersealed, a full refresh for a 14 year old car.”

To complete the look, “the wheels were just satin black when I got them so I had them refurbed and new tires to take it from an average looking car to something a little bit different.” But of course, there’s countless plans in the works over the next couple of years to get it just right.

interior in tuned r35

What’s next for the modified Nissan GT-R?

Although the purple paintwork was a key selling point, it’s not quite the right color, “it will get a bit brighter, probably a candy purple.” Over the next year it will have a respray and color scheme alterations will continue inside. Right now Craig’s GT-R has a stock interior but he plans to replace red details with purple and have the purple and black theme running throughout. But fitting a matching interior is way down on the list.

Before that, “new diffusers, side skirt undertrays, lower splitter and the front bumper needs a full overhaul. The big wing might go, it might go to a ducktail flick spoiler, I’m undecided.” Craig explains that most of the GT-R spoilers are for much narrower cars and look lost against the wide-bodied kit. “It needs something big to complement the rest of the car.”

Underneath, “it’s on BC coilovers at the moment but it’s probably going to go air ride in the next 12 months.” Once completing the main mods over the next couple of years, Craig’s considering upping the power even more. “I might take it to 800-900bhp in the future but it’s got more than enough at the minute.” Whilst this might be a bit much for the roads, its full potential is waiting to be unleashed on a track.

rear shot of big rear spoiler

Built for the track? 

There’s always some gentle (and wise) hesitation around taking a modified car out on the track but Craig wants to enjoy his GT-R. “If I destroy it, I’ll cry. But I’ve built it to use, not to sit.” Although there’s plans for some static shows this year, Craig hopes to get out on the track soon and put all 670 horses to good use.

So far, it’s been around Silverstone and the Nürburgring and he’s got plans to take it back to Germany again. “I’ve been building cars for the last 20 years and this one I actually just get to drive and enjoy.” Part of that enjoyment is using it and getting out on the track but crossing your fingers everything passes the finish line intact.

rear 3/4 shot of modified nissan gt-r

When you realize it’s the one

Craig’s years of dreaming about this car have come full circle and now he can share this passion with his 10 year old daughter. Talking about his favorite memories, he says “when my daughter got in the back for the first time and went, ‘Can it go fast?’. Putting my foot down and hearing her giggle like nobody’s business just made it, that’s the reaction you want. That was the moment, I was like yeah this is right.” What better way to raise the next generation of petrolheads?

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Words: Trinity Francis. Photos: Chris Wallbank. 

Tech Spec: Modified Nissan GT-R


VR38DETT running 670BHP; KnightRacer stage 4.25 performance pack; Big Power Intake Kit (2x Aluminium intake pipes and 2x Piper Cross high-flow air filters); Motorsport ASNU Bosch 1050cc Injectors; 90mm Stainless Steel T304 Y Pipe; 3.5″ High Flow CAST Downpipes; Ecutek RaceROM Custom Tune on BOTH Engine and Transmission ECUs; Latest Transmission Software derived from the Nismo GT-R; Latest RaceROM features include Launch Control, Rolling Launch, Pops & Bangs, Shift Pops, Traction Control, Valet Mode, extra safety trips etc..; Full decatted R35 GTR KR 102mm exhaust system with Mega exhaust tips.


R35 6-speed.


BC Racing ER series coilovers, Driftworks adjustable arms, uprated anti-roll bars, front strut brace.


Brembo 390mm big brake kit upgrade.


Deep Dish CR Evo 13×21″ (front) and 14×21”(rear) custom Wheels – Gloss Black spokes with gold dishes running Michelin Pilot Sport 4s 335/30/21’s all round.


Standard interior for now with Plans for a bespoke purple/black theme to come soon.


VAD Designs Carbon fiber wide GT Spec blended body kit. (one of only 2 cars in the UK with this kit fitted) Old Country Labs GT rear wing.


Big thanks to Lee@VAD Designs for the epic kit build, Albert and the team at Knight Racer for the meticulous detail to the maintenance and servicing of my car.