A Liberty Walk Infiniti G37 isn’t something you see every day, especially in Europe! Here’s the full lowdown on one of the rarer modified cars you’ll ever see.

Over in the States it’s fair to say that G-Series Infinitis have a bit of a reputation, and perhaps not a good one. Over there, they’re largely seen as a relatively cheap way to get into a Nissan VQ-engined car, and as such they don’t always attract the best owners. However, here in the UK, these cars were never officially imported to the island we call home, so there’s a great deal of exotic mystique and street cred attached to them. With that in mind, imagine how excited we were to come across not only a modified G37 in the UK, but a G37 with a Liberty Walk widebody kit. Now that’s real unicorn territory!

We sent Jules to go and check it out in person with its custodian, Phil. Watch the full feature below!

Why choose a G37?

As mentioned above, Infiniti G-Series cars aren’t exactly an obvious choice for a project in the UK, so why did Phil, Chris, and the guys at Tarmac Sportz go down this route?

G37 in the dark

“Basically we had a customer come in with one of these stock and we all fell in love with it. That sewed the seed in Chris’s mind and then I came into work one day and he’s got one! It was red and we did a couple of things to it to Tarmac Sport-ize it; a couple of stickers, did a couple of black bits on it, various bits and pieces. But I could just see Chris’s head going, and then he says he’s got to do something really big with it.”

That ‘something really big’ turned out to be a Liberty Walk widebody styling kit. Any LBWK kit will get you some kudos, but this is on another level. This is the first – and so far, only – Liberty Walk-kitted G37 in Europe!

Liberty Walk G37 rear quarter

Suspension mods

In keeping with the G37’s roots as a ‘370Z for cruising’, the guys at Tarmac Sportz decided that they needed to drop it down low to the ground, but still keep it usable for long-distance adventures.

“We developed some air cups for it, so even though it looks like it’s on bags and dropped, it’s actually static on BC coilovers and the ride is really really good.” Phil explained.

Liberty Walk G37 engine bay

Lamborghini paint

” The color was Chris’ choice because he had a thing with Lamborghinis for a while, so the rims are gold like the classic Miura, but then he actual body color is Uranus Blue. We all think it’s gorgeous and I don’t think we’ve we’ve actually seen a Lamborghini in this color as it’s actually a rare color even for them!

“Lamborghini dealers gave us the paint codes and stuff like that obviously, then Matt from G Motorbody put it together and put it on the car which is… it’s just stunning.”

G37 in garage

As you might have guessed, Matt was also tasked with actually fitting the kit, and it’s fair to say he’s done a top-notch job of the finish.

So far we’ve only scratched the surface of what this car is all about, so to get the full story, make sure to watch our video feature at the top of this page!