This HKS Widebody GR Supra is a modern aftermarket masterpiece, and we met its maker. Here’s the full story.

HKS is one of those brands which will forever be tied to the Japanese modifying & tuning culture that’s enthralled us for decades. Always at the forefront of the scene, HKS has produced some of the most potent performance parts for the Far East’s top sports cars. But it’s not just engine mods that they’re known for; they do the full works – suspension, and even aero as well. So, if you allow them to get their hands on a modern halo car like the Toyota GR Supra, you end up with one hell of a recipe.

This is where Albert Trinidad comes into the mix. Clearly a man of good taste, he had no doubts about what he wanted to achieve after securing the keys to his very own A90.

rear of HKS widebody GR Supra

HKS Widebody GR Supra

“The reason why I bought the GR Supra was because I fell in love with it. It’s such a beautiful car,” he said. “As soon as I purchased the car from the dealership, the very first thing I bought for it was the HKS wide body kit.”

So, while the GR Supra is a pretty car even in its stock form, Albert was evidently keen to trade that natural elegance for a more muscular type of beauty.

front of HKS widebody GR Supra

“My mentor Stephen Aguayo also has a HKS widebody Supra, so that’s where I got the inspiration from. In my honest opinion I think it’s the most aggressive and best-looking kit for this platform.”

He’s not wrong. I mean, it’s no wonder that you see this kit worn on everything from street builds like Albert’s, to time attack weapons, and even competitive drift cars all around the world.

Seibon TS-style carbon hood

Given the demand and the relative scarcity, it took five months for the HKS widebody kit to be delivered, but that didn’t stop Albert from cracking on with the build in the meantime. While waiting for parts to make it to his doorstep, he set about changing the Supra’s color to BMW’s renowned Imola Red, and later sprayed the HKS kit to match. With a choice like that, Albert clearly has no issue with acknowledging this Japanese sports car’s Bavarian roots.

In addition to the new red hue, the car now also features a Seibon TS-style dry carbon fiber hood, and the result is striking.

detailed shot of WORK L13P rim

Wheels and suspension

This Supra’s beauty is more than just skin-deep though; take a peek under the hood or underneath those wide arches and you’ll find a whole range of aftermarket parts to make this build a true all-rounder.

“I’ve added Air Lift performance air suspension so I don’t have any trouble with speed bumps and driveways,” Albert explained, “and I’ve fitted some three-piece WORK L13P rims with Toyo R888R tires.”

Supra with the hood up

Engine bay and powertrain mods

Elsewhere, the engine bay has gained a considerable amount of carbon furnishings. There’s a carbon fiber cooling plate and engine cover supplied by Rexpeed, while the carbon ECU cover is an NVSpeciality product. Naturally, there’s a Cusco strut bar and HKS oil cap thrown in for good measure.

Those dress-up parts draw attention to a powertrain which has undergone quite a transformation itself, thanks to some upgrades sourced from Blacklist Motorsports.

B58 engine

A HKS cold air intake and Injen intercooler charge pipe ensure that the GR Supra’s 3.0-liter B58 straight-six can breathe more easily, while at the other end, a Titan Motorsports downpipe leads into a HKS Hi-Power dual exhaust system. Albert then turned to the folks at EcuTek to help make sure the car’s electronic brain was getting the best out of those new parts. According to him, that Stage 1 tune now ensures that the Supra makes 480whp.

“As for the top speed, I have no idea, but I did hit 160mph and then let it go after that.” Albert said. “Despite being a BMW [engine], I didn’t know how much oil this car would eat either!”

Interior mods inside GR Supra

Interior mods

As I’m sure you’ll agree, no project car is complete without some interior mods to enhance the ownership experience. In this case, Albert has opted for some Bride VIOS III bucket seats with Takata racing harnesses attached to a Cusco mounting bar. The OEM steering wheel has also been switched out in favor of an Aeroluxe carbon fiber unit.

Detailed shot of the car's rear arch

What comes next?

Given the quality of the work that’s gone into this car, it should come as no surprise that Albert and his A90 have vacuumed up a pretty large collection of show awards. Highlights include Best Toyota at Wekfest, as well as Best Widebody at the same show. The car has also won top honors at Spocom and a whole host of regional events in California. All in all, it’s wrapped up 12 different accolades within the scene so far… and Albert isn’t done yet.

“I want more aerodynamics, and a bigger turbo to make it faster,” he revealed. Well, we’re certainly on board with that!

If you want to follow his progress, be sure to check out Albert’s Instagram page: @supralbert

HKS widebody GR Supra with sunset