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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 1st December 2017

Jordan Green’s been climbing the VAG ladder for years and he found this pot of gold (well, green) at the top. Sure he’s slipped down a few snakes on the way, but when you’re as determined as this fella, you just keep on climbing…

My history of modifying is all VW!” That’s a phrase we hear a lot from Volkswagen owners. There’s something about the brand that reels people in, pins them down and indoctrinates them like some weird cult. And Jordan Green has been hanging off the towering VeeDub ladder from day one.

“My first car was a Mk3 Golf,” he explains. “A barely running rustbucket on cheap coils and awful wheels, which I pumped way too much money into trying to save. That’s the car that sparked it all off for me. When it went to car heaven, I got a Mk4 Golf. And then came the Scirocco. I also had a Polo Classic saloon while the ’Rocco was in paint, and then a super-clean Vento came up with 41k on the clock, so that’s my other project.” See, it’s not just a marque affi nity. It’s an all-consuming obsession.


Another thing we often hear from owners, regardless of manufacturer, is that the car was initially purchased as a pick-me-up, a mojo booster to help surge through dark times. In Jordan’s case, a break-up in 2015 left him in a bad place, so he treated himself. The Scirocco appealed, as it just looks so much sleeker alongside the more sensible Golf. Although it’s fair to say he had a few ideas in mind to further ramp up the aggression. Perhaps he wasn’t quite prepared for how much of a cash-soak it’d be, however…

“I bought it completely bog standard, as I try to with all my cars,” says Jordan. “It’s nice to have a blank canvas. Plus you don’t have to worry about anyone else having bodged stuff on it. And at the risk of sounding clichéd, it was only meant to be a minimally modded car!”

Yeah. Sure. We’d argue that the air-ride setup, purchased before he’d even taken delivery of the car, says otherwise. It’s safe to say he’s thrown more than enough money at the rolling stock too, with the Scirocco variously wearing Bentley Mulliners, BBS splits, Audi Rotors, a couple of sets of Rotiforms, and various AMG designs, before arriving at the VIP Modular rims you see today. “I bought these not long after the arch kit,” he says. “So I had them sitting around for about eight months before they were on the car. I was really unsure about them, but once I saw them fi tted I totally changed my mind! They came up at a good price and happened to be pretty much exactly the specs I needed for a tight fit to the arches while still tucking. So it was a bit of a no-brainer.”


Ah yes, that arch kit. It does alter the profile of the ’Rocco a bit, doesn’t it? The seed of the idea was planted in Wörthersee…

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