We opened the voting lines back on 7 December and gave you nine days to register your top pick. In that time we received over 12,000 votes and social media went wild.

We watched with interest as three cars became the clear favourites early on in the competition. This lead to an online battle to be crowned winner and it couldn’t have been closer. It really couldn’t.

There was only 75 votes between the top three, and only eight votes between second and third place. But in the end there could only be one winner…

1st – Rich Fox’s Ford Focus RS – 21.8% of the vote

Fast Car 1st Place car of the year 2018

2nd – Rae Gami’s VW Golf Mk3 – 21.3% of the vote

Fast Car 2nd Place car of the year 2018

3rd – James Williams Hillman Imp – 21.2% of the vote

Fast Car 3rd Place car of the year 2018

Now, I’m not saying I disagree with you all, but if it were down to me I’d have voted slightly differently. Conrad Bradley’s AE86, Austin Barnett’s Impreza and Garbriel Couty’s Mk1 Golf would have been my personal top three and just as worthy winners. But, the people have spoken!

I’d like to thank everyone who voted, but also remind those involved that this was all a bit of fun. Modifying and the car community is about coming together and enjoying each others’ creations. Every car in this competition was worthy of praise and we can’t wait until Car of the Year 2019!

Fast Car magazine Editor

Just like Simon Cowell likes to thank Just Eat at the X Factor final, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Adrian Flux for supporting this year’s competition. And instead of giving you a discount on your local takeaway, we’ve sent them some of your frequently asked questions to answer…

Q) I’ve spent lots on my car. I know I’ll never get back what I’ve put in, but can I get an agreed value deal?
A) Yes, Adrian Flux can offer agreed value on most vehicles.

Q) Are there modifi cations that will have a lesser effect on insurancepremiums or even reduce it?
A) Many of our modifi ed insurance schemes are cheaper than the standard car equivalent.

Q) I’ve read about key-cloning car theft. Will I be covered if my car is stolen in this way?
A) Yes of course, you’ll still be covered if your key is cloned and your car is stolen.

Q) If I swap tyres for a different make do I need to declare this? And what if I change the spec, perhaps going for low profi les?
A) There’s no need to declare a change in tyre manufacturer, but if you change the spec, give us a call and we can check for you.

Q) What are the benefi ts of insuring with Adrian Flux?
A) There are many: breakdown, spare parts and loss-of-key cover, and modifications covered like for like.

Q) How does no claims bonus (NCB) protection work? Would I still see a rise in premium if I made a claim the previous year?
A) An increase of premium due to a claim and protection of no claims bonus are separate things. It’s complicated, but your premium will probably increase if you make a claim, regardless of the NCB protection. But protecting your NCB should reduce that increase.

Q) I’ve modified my car so much that I’ve bought a daily driver. Do I need two policies or can I add the second car to my policy?
A) Adrian Flux recognises highly modified second vehicles are less likely to be used for the daily commute, shopping trips and school runs. That means there will be a lower premium. Your everyday car will have higher risk use and attract a higher premium. It’s better to have two policies that fi t your needs, rather than one that will cover both vehicles on the same terms.

Q) I’ve got a full NCB, does this count for multiple policies?
A) Most insurers will limit one NCB to one vehicle. However with a good driving history the NCB could be mirrored on other policies.

Q) What’s the deal with high performance fuel and octane boosters? They’re not modifi cations, but they increase power.
A) If you run higher octane fuel using the vehicle’s factory spec, it’s not been modified and there will be no insurance implications. However, some cars will need to be retuned or modifi ed to take full advantage of high octane fuel. That will impact on your premium.

Q) I’m thinking of fitting home CCTV. If it covers my drive will my premium reduce?
A) It can. But your car having an alarm, immobiliser or tracker is more likely to earn a discount.