VW Passat CC
Alpine’s VW Passat CC audio car

Alpine have built some crazy demo vehicles over the years, including a BMW Mini that took over 4,000 man hours to build, had an electronic slide out boot entry system and no roof. Yeah it was slightly mental, but it was 2004.
VW Passat CC
A lot of things have changed in 8-years, but one thing that has remained the same is Alpine’s ability and dedication to design top-notch car audio. And as my Nan used to say, “if you’ve got it, flaunt it,” which is exactly why Alpine have stuffed this Passat CC full of their audio.
VW Passat CC
The man responsible for the build is Manfred Stengl and he had a clear vision of what he wanted to achieve with the build: “When you look into the car, I wanted people to see straight away why Alpine is known as the Multimedia Specialist for in-car entertainment.” Explains Manfred.VW Passat CC

Another important aspect for Manfred was to show over the years, Alpine’s diversity in one build: “The car has two zones – in the front everything is integrated nicely. At the back, everything is for show!” grins the German installer.
VW Passat CC
An INA-W910R double din headunit has been expertly installed with the steering wheel controls integrated to work with the new source unit. This gives an OE feel to the front of the car, but as Manfred explains: “This impression is soon lost when you look over your shoulders into the back.” His dual zone concept is in full flow.

VW Passat CC
VW Passat CC

The rear seats have been binned for an armada of amplifiers that kick out 7000-wats of premium power, way more than necessary to power the speakers in the system but as Manfred puts it: “This is a show car, so nothing can be normal or have to make sense!”

VW Passat CC
In the boot you’ll find four 12-inch subwoofers that ensure good vibrations and an PXA-H800 audio processor with Alpine’s amazing IMPRINT technology. This automatically calibrates the audio system for the best sound possible in a car’s acoustical innards. Top stuff.
VW Passat CC
Leather retrimmed seats with Alpine logos; Alcantara roof lining and details.


KW Automotive Variant 2 suspension kit combined with HLS drop kit; 2011 Audi A8 L wheels with Pirelli 235/30×20 tyres.

Pfeffer Car Design exhaust.


CFC matt blue paint job; debadged; Alpine decals


1x INA-W910R advanced navi station; 1x DHA-S690 6-disc DVD changer; 1x PXA-H800 system integration audio processor; 1x RUX-C800 remote commander for PXA-H800; 2x PDX-F6 4/3/2-channel power density digital amplifier; 2x PDX-M6 mono power density digital amplifier; 4x PDX-M12 mono power density digital amplifier; 1x RUX-KNOB remote bass knob; 2x SPR-60C 6.5-inch 2-way component speakers; 3x SPR-50C 5.25-inch 2-way component speaker; 4x SWR-T12 Type-R subwoofers; 2x SWG-844 8-inch subwoofer; 3x TME-S370 – 6.5inch WVGA on-dash touch screen monitor; 3x KCE-635UB; advanced USB multimedia interface; 1x HCE-C300R active view camera system.