Tyres, brakes and arches. Just another chapter in the Zero EV R32 build…

As you may have seen via certain social media channels, we did a bit of highly technical testing a while back in the form of a, erm, donut in the yard. Nevertheless, it was a great success.

The only real problems we encountered were the fact that the tyres chucked gravel everywhere, smoke filled the cockpit and the car didn’t really like stopping.

ZERO-EV-TESLA-POWERED-R32-SKYLINEOf course, not being able to see or stop are quite fundamental problems, and chucking grit everywhere isn’t the best either but all can be sorted rather easily…


First up was some arches. Now, I’d like to make out that these took days of metal work and fabrication to make, but in reality, they didn’t. A simple cardboard template, some sheet metal and a roller boom later, and we had some silly wide arches. Not the greatest wide arch kit you’ll ever see, but it’s functional over form here and they’ll allow me to compete in Formula G!


The stopping part? Well, I got on the phone to the guys at EBC and they had a set of front discs and Yellowstuff pads sent out the very next day; they even managed to supply a set of pads for the massive rear Tesla brakes. We didn’t bother with discs as we really don’t need much rear braking; that’s what the ‘re-generation’ system is for.


Now we’ve sorted the stoppage, it’s time for some more scientifically-based testing at Rockingham, where past and present Formula G events have taken place. So watch this space and Fast Car’s social media channels for more, soon…

Tyres £80
Arches £0
EBC Brakes £283

TOTAL £363

Zero EV
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EBC Brakes

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