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Team Soleheaven’s Audi A6 – Part 1

Team Soleheaven’s Audi A6 – Part 1

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 3rd September 2013

Soleheaven Audi A6 Sneaker Rally
First off, hello everyone and welcome to our guest blog on the build of the Team SoleHeaven Audi A6. So why is a sneaker shop building a car you may ask, well we’re taking our sneaker game on the road, and travelling across Europe to attend the biggest sneaker conventions and the hippest European sneaker cities.
Soleheaven Audi A6 Sneaker Rally
It’s not simply a case of loading a van, and hitting the road. No that’s way too boring. We’re fully modifying our Audi A6 Avant and turning it in to an Autobahn destroyer! To do this we have teamed up with motorstore supremos REVOLUTION247. These guys have built Nurburgring world record breakers, and the CEO loves sneakers. They are the perfect team for such a project.
Soleheaven Audi A6 Sneaker Rally
We’ll be visiting Crepe City, 6 Acre, Sneaksandpeaks and Sneakerness on our epic sneaker rally, and en route dropping into Amsterdam, Berlin & Paris to hang with the local sneaker scene to talk kicks, rides and street culture.

soleheaven sneaker rally
The vehicle will change dramatically over the coming weeks as they bolt on components from 3SDM, Eibach, V-Maxx, Vredestein, Pipercross, Milltek & Forge Motorsport
Soleheaven Audi A6 Sneaker Rally
Currently the Audi A6 Avant looks, well a bit of shed. But once the team at REVOLUTION247 are finished our sneaker inspired ride will be low, fast and ready to eat Porsches for breakfast!
Soleheaven Audi A6 Sneaker Rally
Stay hooked up with our Instagram @soleheaven, along with @Revmo247 for progress images.

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