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Matt’s Renault Clio dCi – Part 11

Matt’s Renault Clio dCi – Part 11

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 17th March 2013


This months poor weather has certainly taken its toll on our amazing road network, and in turn, it’s taken its toll on my poor little wheels.

I hit an absolute stonker of a pothole on my way home from work.  This thing was more like a crater than anything, over a metre long and one Biro pen in depth, there was no way I was going to be able to avoid it. Needless to say two hundred metres later I was at the side of the road cursing the local council and their cost-saving exercises.

It was absolutely freezing outside and I had to get all the crap in my boot out the way so I could get the spare wheel and jack out. Then as I went to loosen the wheel bolts I had a major mental breakdown.  Like a bozo I hadn’t ever considered changing the wheels without my massive tool kit by my side, and as a result, the 19mm wheel brace flopped around my 17mm wheel bolts and laughed in my face!  Good grief.

By this point I was exasperated, I had no choice but to call two people; the RAC and my brother the plumber.  Because I didn’t have a baby on board the RAC gave me an estimation of 90 minutes so I told them to forget it, my brother gave me an estimation of 40 minutes, plus promise of video games later on.

He arrived early, with tools, and we swapped the wheel over in no time.  I coaxed the car to the workshop the next morning and got to work ordering up a new wheel from Wolfrace, and a new tyre from Yokohama.  I also had to fork out for a wheel bearing and a track rod end as they had been trounced and all.


Very next day the tyre and wheel arrived, along with the other bits. So I fitted it all up, bunged the Clio over the Westbury Tyre and MOT, and had them align the tracking up once again.

As of this moment, I still haven’t fitted the clutch.  The current one has stopped slipping, which means only one thing; the Clio is down on power 🙁  I’ll have to get investigating now…

Slot Mag £110
S Drive £75
Eurocarparts £65
Tracking £40
Brother £free
Total £290

Euro Car Parts
Westbury Tyre and MOT

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