Tip of the month; always check that you’ve ordered the right part! It’s time to bore you with the details (both puns intended)..

Jules-BMW-E91-325i BC Coilovers

A while back I said I was going to fit the Remus exhaust and BC coilovers. And, erm, I haven’t. But I did try…

Jules-BMW-E91-325i Remus Exhaust

Now, when I said I was going to fit the exhaust and coilovers, that was already a slight lie, as I don’t have a ramp and I didn’t fancy rolling around on my drive in this rubbish weather. So I booked the car into my local garage and gave them the instructions to fit the Remus and my freshly recovered, carbon M Sport steering wheel (and made a second booking to have the coilovers done the week after as I needed the car back – it’s my daily driver after all).

Remus Exhausts packaging

The problem is, there are two exhausts available for my car from Remus and I ordered the wrong one, where the bore was very slightly smaller than the car’s mid section. Instead of trying to make this one fit, I gave The Performance Company (the Remus UK distributor) a call and they said they’d swap it for the correct one. How’s that for customer service?

Remus Exhaust Logo close-up

Before I popped it back in the post, I did grab some images to showcase the quality of the system. As soon as the replacement arrives I’ll be back down the garage and eagerly awaiting to hear the car’s refreshed N52, flat-six rumble.

Jules-BMW-E91 Fabric Wheel

One job that was done though, was fitting my new carbon M Sport wheel. I’m not sure why it took me so long to get this fitted as it has transformed the interior and made the car feel even nicer to drive. This has to be one of my best eBay finds of all time and a right bargain at £20. And the suede retrim from Edge Automotive has definitely brought it back to life.

Jules-BMW-E91-325i wheel options

As well as grabbing some images of the Remus, I’ve also cracked open the BC Racing box and took some snaps of the BR Series coilovers that will be fitted under the arches in the next couple of weeks. If they perform as well as they look I’m going to be in for a right treat!

BC Racing Custom Coilovers

BR Series Coilovers £849
Remus Exhaust £666

TOTAL £1515


Remus UK

BC Racing

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