After introducing my new E91 project a few months back, I’ve been absent from these pages and there’s a reason for that; it isn’t a good reason, but it is a reason.

You see, I’m getting on a bit now, and I’m ashamed to say that after driving modified cars for 20-years, every now and then it’s quite nice to jump in a standard car and not worry about pot holes and curbs when popping to the shops.

BMW E91 325I TOURING interior parts

So, I must confess, I considered leaving this low-mileage, mint condition E91 completely standard. But then I went away to a darkened room, had a word with myself and grew back some balls! The E91 will definitely be getting modified. So, without further ado, let’s get started…

BMW E91 325I TOURING wheel detached

As it’s the place you spend the most time looking at and actually using, the interior is first on my to-do list. The priority is sorting out the horrible grey plastic trim; on my E92 I had these hydro-dipped in carbon and it looked awesome, so that’s what I’m going to do here.

After a quick search on Google, I gave the guys at Kent Custom Dipping a shout, and it wasn’t long before I was inside the E91 pulling out the trim, before sending it all their way.

BMW E91 325I TOURING interior upgrade

There are two reasons I decided to use Kent Custom Dipping: one is because they’re local… and the other? Because, quite simply, they are bloody brilliant at what they do! As I type these words, chief dipper, Paul, is getting busy prepping them for the new finish, so hopefully, by next month, you’ll get to see the transformation.

BMW E91 325I TOURING all interior components

You’ll also see that I’ve taken pictures of a genuine BMW carbon steering wheel. Well, this was a bit of an impulse buy on eBay. I stuck a cheeky £20 bid in, forgot about it, won it, and was then amazed at what a bargain I’d got. It’s a proper bit of kit and similar items have been fetching well over £400! As you’ll see, the original leather has been pulled off, so I’ve sent it off to Edge Automotive in Rugby to retrim the sides in black suede. Edge specialise in steering wheel retrimming and can turn the job around in 48-hours. I literally can’t wait to see the finished item, it’s going to look proper plush alongside the freshly dipped interior that will complement it perfectly.

BMW E91 325I TOURING deconstructed wheel

Next on the list is to look at suspension and wheel options, but I’m already feeling a set of 19s for the BM; it’s good to be back!

Steering wheel retrim £150
Hydro-dipping £350

TOTAL £500

Edge Automotive
Kent Custom Dipping

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