Err… does anyone want to buy a fast car?

As you may have noticed, I’ve been MIA for the last couple of months. It’s not because I don’t want to start a new project. It’s because, at the moment, I can’t. You see, I need to sell my BMW 335i to fund my next venture.

Jules Fast Car BMW 335i selling

The E92 almost sold last year, but the guy interested turned out to be a complete time waster. You know the sort. They give it all the big one, but in reality don’t have the cash. Anyway, by the time I realised this was the case it was almost Christmas and there was no point in advertising it again then, or in January, when even Bill Gates is feeling the pinch. So the BM has basically sat on the drive for the last couple of month waiting for its new owner.

Jules Fast Car BMW 335i funny

It’s got a fresh MoT, loads of modifications, including air ride and M3 Frozen Grey paint and will see off the equivalent M3 as it’s pushing over 450bhp. So if you’re after a ready-made show car with plenty of room to stamp your own personality on, then ping me an email and make me an offer around 10k! And that’s without the 3SDMs by the way.

Jules BMW 335i wheels close-up

Yup, just £10,000. I think that’s pretty decent value for a car that’s worth £6,000 stock – this one has had over 20-grand spent on it in modifications! I promise I won’t spend the money on anything but another project. In fact I’m planning on starting two. First on the list is a new daily to take me on my modified pilgrimages across the UK, and the other a mental Mk5 Golf GTi build to commemorate Fast Car’s 400th issue! I’m thinking wide arches, wider wheels, and lots of power. Watch this space…

Maintained BMW 335i



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