After a few months of problems, my trusty modified BMW 335i is now fully charged. But is it time for a new project?

If you’re anything like me, you’ll hate dash-warning lights. Now BMWs with early iDrive systems love a warning message. They warn you if it’s cold, if you’re low on petrol and if your breath smells – OK that might not be strictly true, but you get the message (no pun intended).

Now, I’m not going to lie, I’ve probably done less than 750 miles in the car this year, and have really neglected it over the past few months. So when I fired it up the other week and the dash looked like a Christmas tree, I feared the worst.

modified BMW 335i speedometer

It was only when I was chatting to my local mechanic that he mentioned it was probably due to the battery. I was keen to tell him I didn’t think it was because it was relatively new and held a good charge. But as it turns out, he was spot on. You see, one dead cell is all it takes to trigger some sensors and send your BMW’s dash into Christmas tree mode. Bugger!

So without further ado, I logged onto Battery Megastore, typed in my reg and a bunch of suitable batteries popped up. Some started at as little as £70, but I went for their all singing and dancing Hankook SA58020.

This thing has some serious cranking power. It’s perfect for a car running air ride and where the compressors draw on the power from ignition. It’ll also have no issue with the pending below-zero weather conditions and it won’t be bothered that the car isn’t used on a daily basis.

Hankook Power Control Box

It arrived the very next morning and I didn’t waste anytime getting it plugged in. The next step was to get the codes cleared and then to see if the BMW’s dash would be fault free after a quick spin.

And I’m very glad to report it was and still is. Lovely stuff. This good news also inspired me to get off my arse and have the car photographed for its upcoming feature.

modified BMW 335i side-profile

Yup, that’s right readers, after three happy years of ownership, I think I’m finally done on this project. I’ve got a car itch that I’ve wanted to scratch for a very long time. Watch this space.

Hankook SA58020 £118
Next Day Delivery £7.50

TOTAL £127.50

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