His leg might be broken, but the big man hasn’t taken a break…

I’ve still got a broken leg, well I guess an almost fixed broken leg – so once again progress on the BMW has been pretty much nonexistent. I’m not even allowed to drive it, even though it’s my left leg that’s buggered and the 335i is an auto. Something to do with insurance. Meh!

BMW 335i Audio Speakers Installation

Anyway, even though I can’t drive the car I did manage to climb in and sit in it for half an hour last week. Now before you think I’ve lost my mind, there was a valid reason for this…

BMW 335i Audio Speakers components

Regular readers of the magazine will know that a couple of issue ago we used the 335i as a test car for trying out a bunch of Audiotec Fischer Match products available from Midbass. Match is a plug and play solution for replacing your car’s stock audio system. It uses all the original speaker housings and, with some loom witchcraft, bypasses the original amplifier for their uprated version. All while keeping the car’s original headunit – handy on the 335i as the iDrive system is all integrated.

BMW 335i MATCH Speakers

So the reason I decided to sit in the car was to test out the new sounds and listen to some old-skool CDs (Right Said Fred again? – Midge). I still don’t think you can beat the clarity.I’m pleased to report that the sound difference has gone from stock to rock. It’s louder, punchier and clearer, and it’s all been achieved in stealth mode.

BMW 335i Audio Speakers cables

All that’s left now is for my leg to fuse back together so I can get out and enjoy my questionable music taste every time I push the start button.

Installing Audio Speakers BMW

Match system £TBC
Midge’s labour £paid in Red Bull


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