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Jules’ BMW 335i – Part 26

Jules’ BMW 335i – Part 26

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 7th September 2017

Have you missed me? I’ve missed you. That’s why I thought I had better give an update on my BMW 335i…

Regular users will be aware it’s been a quiet few months on the BMW front. Why is this, I hear you scream with frustration and mystery? Well life stuff has kinda got in the way. Boo! And by life stuff, I mean moving house. Anyone who has been through this experience will understand that it’s a bloody expensive game and a time consuming one at that.

I love my new gaff. It has a big garage and parking for multiple cars (the reason I bought it). But it needed a fair bit of TLC to get it to Trussy Towers standards, and this meant swallowing all of my modification funds. So the BMW has barely moved for three months. All I’ve managed to do is give it a couple of service washes to keep the bird poo at bay.

Jules Fast Car BMW 335i

What’s next? Well if I hadn’t broken my bloody leg a couple of weeks back (never let a large greyhound run into you at full speed, it hurts), I would have got off my large but well formed arse and swapped the winter wheels over for my three-piece 3SDM summer beauties.

Jules Fast Car BMW 335i

Once I’m back on my feet, this will be my first call of action before shooting the car for a full mag feature. That’s right, I’ve decided to get her shot for the magazine. After this I’ll have a choice to make. Do I go for a refresh that would include wide arches or do I sell up and start again? Decisions, decisions… What do you think?

New house £ lots
Solicitor fees £ how much!

TOTAL £ Broke AF

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