Run the hot water, get the shampoo out and prepare the towels. Yes, it’s time for my annual clean…

jules bmw 335i

No, not me. I shower everyday (well, most days anyway). I am of course talking about my E92. And to be fair, I wash her a lot more than once a year. It would be criminal not to.

BMW Mirror Bright Wheel Cleaner

But I do like to have one massive annual cleaning session, where everything gets a good old-fashioned spit and polish. And as it’s the detailing special there is no better time to get stuck in.

BMW Pieces 335i

To celebrate this I decided to treat myself to a new detailing kit and some high quality microfibres from the gods that are Meguiar’s, which should see me through the 2017 show season and beyond.


Meguiar’s have one of the largest product line ups in the business, and it just got bigger with their new Mirror Bright range. I wanted to give this stuff a go, mainly because of the cool branding, but also because I know it’ll work perfectly. It’s Meguiar’s after all.

jules bmw 335i spray

Other jobs this month include fitting some new, pressed-metal plates and replacing the front drop link (cheers Midge), as it had worked its way loose and threaded the bolt.

jules bmw 335i cleaning process

Ultimate Leather Balm £18
Mirror Bright Kit £50
Applicator and Microfibres £53
Metal plates £17
Drop links £40

TOTAL £178