Adrian Flux to the rescue as Glenn sorts out his premium…

Glenn Rowswell at computer

As I write this, it’s the first month of 2018 – quite possibly one of the crappiest months of the year. Xmas has come and gone, all the mince pies have been eaten (yes, mainly by me) and my social media feed is full of people talking all that ‘New Year new me’ bullshit that they sprout every January without fail. Bah humbug! Can you say that in January? Well I just did! Also, it’s insurance renewal month and it really couldn’t come at a worst possible time after the Xmas holidays. Meh.


So, like every year, I started the arduous task of calling around the normal well known insurance companies to see if I could beat the quote of my current insurers Adrian Flux. And do you know what? I kind of wished I hadn’t bothered as, after hours of chatting to clueless call centres, it was evident they couldn’t even get close to beating my premium unless I put the excess up to a crazy amount. To top it all, as soon as I mentioned my future project plans for the RS4 the price pretty much doubled. One company even said they wouldn’t insure me with mods as they couldn’t add it to their system. Unbelievable!


So I did what I should have done in the first place: yep, just spoke to the specialists at Adrian Flux. And, as always, they couldn’t have been more helpful. Okay, I didn’t get to talk to one of the famous Flux Babes, but I did speak to a very nice man called Christopher Poynter. He assured me that although he doesn’t wear Lycra he could still get me a great quote. Not only was he true to his word, I got an agreed value, protected no claims and he also lightened my financial crisis by sorting me out a great deal where I can pay in instalments. Amazingly, within the hour I had an email with my new documents, details of my policy and my payment plan. So, thank you, Chris and thank you, Adrian Flux!


The good news is now that’s sorted I can start looking forward to some upgrades for the RS4. First on my list are some supersticky Toyo Tyres, as the current rubber has seen better days, and then some sexy carbon fibre bits, starting with a rear diffuser. Happy days!

Audi RS4 B7 Avant front

Adrian Flux Insurance Premium £93.70 (10 monthly payments)

TOTAL £937


Adrian Flux
0800 085 5000

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