Time for the A6 to get fully charged and dropped…

Glenn Fast Car Audi A6

If you saw last month’s update, you’ll be aware I finally got around to getting my rather tired and bashed up Vossen CV1s refurbed and fitted back on the ol’ girl. However, once they were fitted and looking fresh, it got me rethinking my rear wheel fitment.

Glenn Fast Car Audi A6 Wheels

There are three types of wheel fitment to think about when dropping your car on air ride and wheels with extended lips. Some like their wheel arches sat inside the lip, those that like it on the lip and then there’s the tuckers – the guys who like their wheels tucked up in the arches so they can go as low as possible. Previously I’ve been a lip sitter. However, this does take its toll on your arches and your wheels if you’re driving too low or hitting any big bumps. So now I’m going for maximum lows and looking after my wheels. Yep, I’m going to be a mother tucker. This means changing the 25mm spacers, bolts and lockers.

Glenn Fast Car Audi A6 Sj Concepts JL Audio

Luckily I already had some hubcentric 15mm spacers, so I just needed to hit up wheel nut, bolt and spacer gurus TPI for some taper seat 40mm M14x1.50 bolts, and some new lock in wheel bolts. And while I was at it I ordered some bolt head covers as well. As always, TPI delivered them in no time at all, so I could get them fitted and on the car. The A6 is now sitting a lot lower when aired out and hopefully this will also stop my wheel lips from taking a pounding.

Glenn Fast Car Audi A6 Sj Audio boxes

My next job was getting a battery sorted. The A6 has spent a lot of time being unused of late, due to a few ongoing issues and the fact I’ve had the competition S2000 to use as well. I’ve tried to make sure I keep the battery charged, but I’ve been a bit neglectful of late and I’ve pretty much killed it. Doh!

Audi A6 Hankook Power Control

So I got on the blower to the always fully charged (see what I did there?) Piers Tangye at Battery Megastore and explained I wanted something with plenty of juice so I can run the air ride compressors without the fear of running the battery flat. Piers recommended a Hankook Ultra High Performance battery. It was received and fitted the next day, proving again they’re the UK’s number one online battery retailer.

Audio boxes in Glenn Fast Car Audi A6

Anyway, that’s all for now. Until next time, Godspeed.

TPI 17mm Black Injected Fastener Caps £14
8x TPI Tapered 40mm M14x1.50 bolts £14
Tapered 40mm M14x1.50 lock bolts £30
Hankook UMF58000 Ultra High Performance Battery

Total ££126

08444 721612

Battery Megastore
01684 298800

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