Time to pick up my newly refurbished wheels from Platinum Alloys

Platinum Alloys on car side-profile

If you saw my projects entry last month, you’ll already know that I made the decision to get my Vossen CV1s refurbished by the guys at Platinum Alloys. But, the decorative stainless steel lips meant the wheel refurb would be a little trickier than normal, as these needed to be carefully removed and then put back, or possibly replaced if there was any corrosion underneath.

Platinum Alloys close-up

Fortunately this is a specialist service that Platinum Alloys can offer. However, lady luck was on my side this time and there was no sign of hidden corrosion, so my old lips could be reused. Phew!

Black Platinum Alloys beside wheels

This good news meant my wheels were moved to Platinum Alloy’s wheel stripping facility (the largest by volume in the UK) where they spent the night, before emerging the following day stripped of all their previous paint and coatings and ready for powder coating.

Black Platinum Alloys

The next stage was the automated shot-blast machine where they used a very fine blast media to thoroughly clean and key my wheels all over. Then, the wheels were craftily hand finished to remove any damage, including lots of repair work to the inner rims, one was especially bad due to the damage caused by a blow out and the rim running on the road.

Platinum Alloys in workshop

Finally, it was off to Platinum Alloys’ impressive powder coat production line for the final finish. But there was an issue, yep my indecisiveness on what colour to go for.

Platinum Alloys logo

Originally I was going to go for a metallic bronze with diamond cut spokes and lips (see a couple of pics above) , but I had a change of heart, as I was worried they may look a bit too fussy and wouldn’t work with the future colour change I have in mind. Therefore after much debating I decided to go for a stealthy satin black, because I know it will work with both the current and future colour schemes.

Vossen Platinum Alloys

And you know what? I’m glad I did, as I think they will make the A6 look a lot tougher and they will definitely freshen up the old girl. So a big thanks to Scott Jones, Gordon Harker and Liam Kennedy at Platinum Alloys for such a great job, I really can’t recommend these guys enough.

Platinum Alloys machine

Used Wheel Alloys

Right, I’m off to fit my lovely, shiny new hoops. Now, where’s that flippin’ wheel spacer gone?

Platinum Alloys notations D-cut

Platinum Alloys wheel refurb £350

Total £350

Platinum Alloys
01793 887222

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