Uh oh, it’s insurance time. But fear not, Adrian Flux have it covered.

Do you know what I hate? I’ll tell you, gimmicky ads and offers for those bloody insurance comparison websites. Whether it’s that businessman twerking (phwoah – Midge) in his hot pants, that fat opera singer with the silly moustache or those bloody talking meerkats.

adrian flux

Yep, these days it seems not an ad break can pass by without being told you can be entered into a prize draw, get a free stuffed toy or get 2-for-1 cinema tickets if you take out an insurance policy. Seriously, do people really fall for this? Sadly I’m guessing yes, going by the amount of adverts!

The truth is, when I buy insurance for my pride and joy, I don’t want freebies or stupid promotions. Nope, I want a fair price for my policy and assurance that I’m well covered if anything goes wrong. Also, it would be helpful if I could speak to someone that understands the difference between air-ride and coilovers.

adrian flux

And, that’s exactly what I got when I spoke to Adrian Flux and a lovely lady called, Jess Thurston. She understood the A6 Avant’s modifications, didn’t ask me loads of stupid questions and within minutes offered me a great policy. And not just any policy, but one that covers me for all my mods and, price-wise, beats all their competitors hands down.

Also, within the hour she’d emailed me all the documents, sorted payment and I was good to go. So, thank the insurance gods for Adrian Flux, the no-nonsense modified car insurers that understand that us car lovers just want a good comprehensive insurance policy without any fuss, cinema tickets or a stuffed toy.

adrian flux


Adrian Flux car insurance policy £581

Total £581

Adrian Flux
0800 0855000

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