We get ready to clean up with our Honda S2000 build this show season. A car you could win!

It’s been a busy month on the S2000. Although we’ve not physically done a lot to the car, we’ve been hitting the boss’s credit card hard and sourcing some great upgrades for the Honda. Currently on the way we have a set of coilovers from Bilstein, some wheels from Rare Rims and also new discs and pads from EBC. We tell you, whoever wins this car is going to have one sorted motor.


With show season just around the corner, one thing we thought we’d better arrange this month was some decent cleaning gear. So we gave our friends at Auto Finesse a buzz and asked main man James Batty if they would like to help out.


Before we could even finish our sentence, he said: “Leave it with me. I’ll send you everything you could possibly need”. And he wasn’t wrong. The following day a very sweaty delivery man knocked on the door and delivered the biggest box of detailing goodies we’ve ever seen.


So what did we get? Well… hybrid car wax, wheel wax, interior cleaner and detailer, quick detailer, spray wax, wheel soap, tyre cream, paint preparator, paint sealant, a clay bar and metal polish and of course shampoo. Then there was a drying towel, ultra soft wash mitt, a glass waffle towel, micro tweed buffing cloth, microfibre towel, hog hair detailing brushes, upholstery brushes and more!


Luckily they included a gigantic crew bag for everything to fit into. I guess this shows just how big a range of products these guys produce and we can say with 100 percent confidence that whatever your detailing needs are for the coming show season, Auto Finesse have it covered.


Also, we thought we’d better upgrade the rather worn and tired car mats. As always we went straight to Carmats4u.com, as these guys are second to none when it comes to mats. They stock pretty much every car you can think of and offer fantastic tailored car mat solutions. You can choose everything from the carpet colour, to the colour of the edging and the stitching and also add your own personal logo. Cool eh?


We went for the super-luxury 17mm-thick pile in black with red edging and stitching. To be honest, they’re so good we don’t want to put our mucky feet on them! So if you need some tailored mats you know where to go. Anyway, gotta go. This car isn’t going to clean itself.

Spent this month:
Carmats4u Platinum Car Mats £85
Auto Finesse £300(ish)

Total car build spend so far: £6,769

Carmats4u  – 01754 763457
Auto Finesse – 08446 931393


For your chance to get your hands on this car look out for the Competition Station tent in the main paddock area of the following shows; Japfest – Silverstone 30th April, Japfest 2 – Donington 1st July, The Fast Car Festival – Donington 2nd July, TRAX – Silverstone 1st October. Additional show appearances TBA. The winner will be drawn at TRAX at Silverstone on 1st October 2016.