Our competition Honda S2000 gets some sexy next stoppers from EBC…

If you’ve been a regular reader of the S2000 updates you will know we were hoping to fit the suspension this month, however there’s been a few hold ups with the shipping so we thought we’d crack on with getting the brakes sorted.

win fast car honda s2000

When we bought the S2000 late last year the previous owner told us it had recently had new pads but the discs had certainly seen better days. So we thought we would just upgrade the lot.

Down and Out Customs Bristol elevated car

Brakes are obviously one of, if not the most important part of your car. If they don’t work, you’re buggered. Even if your brakes are a bit on the average side, the amount of fun you can have in your car will be severely limited.

Down and Out Customs Dog

Down and Out Customs Brakes

So we grabbed ourselves some new performance discs and fast road pads from brake gurus EBC. These guys produce the largest range of brake pads and brake discs in the galaxy, with over 5000 items available. What these guys don’t know about brakes, isn’t worth knowing.

EBC Brakes Honda S2000

As the S2000 is what we call in the trade ‘a spirited drive’ we thought we’d better go for some slotted brake rotors. These little beauties have a number of grooves machined into the face, designed to clean off the glaze that builds up with the high temperatures experienced under heavy braking. This increases the bite of the pads and also provides channels to vent gasses, produced between the disc and pads that can cause brake fade.

EBC Brakes Honda S2000 attached

Also, they work great with EBC’s famous Yellowstuff pads. These fast road brake pads are perfect for roadsters like the S2000, they offer fantastic bite in cold and high temperatures and are perfect for occasional track days and spirited b-road blasts.

EBC Brakes Honda S2000 behind wheel

And as for fitting, we popped down to Down & Out, the South West’s go-to guys for air ride, lowering and car modifying. Why lay on the damp wet floor changing brakes when someone else can do it for you, eh? Especially when our big boss Phil is paying. As we’ve mentioned, the previous owner had done some recent maintenance on the brakes, so we avoided all the normal S2000 issues of sticky piston and slider pins and had no issues with fitting at all. Perfect!

EBC Brakes Honda S2000 wheels

Spent this month:
EBC Yellowstuff pads front & rear £183
EBC Brake Rotors front & rear £402
Down & Out labour £108

Total: £693

Total car and build spend so far: £8,526
For your chance to get your hands on this car look out for the Competition Station tent in the main paddock area of the following shows; Japfest Donington – Donington 1st July, The Fast Car Festival – Donington 2nd July, Japshow – Santa Pod 9th July, TRAX – Silverstone 1st October. The winner will be drawn at TRAX at Silverstone on 1st October 2017.