It’s hard to believe show season is nearly over and it’s finally time to say goodbye to our lovely Honda S2000. We don’t like goodbyes here at FC, especially when it involves cars we’ve enjoyed building and driving. But, by the time you read this the S2K will be sat on the lucky winner’s driveway.

Honda S2000 Cleaning

But, before it’s final show appearance at TRAX at Silverstone and the draw for the winner it needed a damn good clean. Of course, we’ve been doing our best to clean the S2000 over its travels with our Auto Finesse cleaning gear, but we thought it was only right that we give it to a detailer to work their magic on before it heads off into the sunset for a new life.

Honda S2000 Soaped

The trouble is these days it seems every person with a bucket and sponge is calling themselves a detailer, so if you’re thinking of getting your car done do your research and make sure you check online for reviews first. As some numpty with all the gear and no idea can easily cause more harm than good to your bodywork.

Honda S2000 declined roof

Luckily for us though a new detailer called ‘Dead Clean Detailing’ had opened up just round the corner from our Glenda’s gaff in Bristol and was already racking up the 5 star reviews and ratings online. So we thought we would give them a go.

Dead Clean Detailing logo

As soon as we arrived Matt Baber of DCD explained what he was going to do and what products he was going to use, as cleaning a car with a satin wrap is obviously quite different to one with paint.

Dead Clean Detailing rear lights

Anyway, we left Matt to it and voila, three hours later we had one super-clean S2000. So if you’re near Bristol or in the South West and need anything from a valet to a full detail give them a call.

Honda S2000 cleaning wheels

For now it’s goodbye until we return for the final time with the S2000 and a few pictures of the lucky winner.

Honda S2000 Dead Clean Detailing finished product

Dead Clean Detailing Full Valet £40

Total £40
Total car and build spend so far: £11,817

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