The only magazine project that could be on your drive in a few months.

The countdown to TRAX Silverstone (where we’ll be giving this wonderful 350Z away to one lucky punter), has well and truly started. And, although there’s still plenty of modifying to do between now and then, there is one other essential we thought we’d better get sorted sooner rather than later, and that’s an oil change.

fast car banzai oil types

Now, even though the big Nissan came with a full history, we’ve still got a few shows around the UK to attend before the new owner takes the keys. That and we’re just not the sort of team who say “there you go mate… oh yeah, it needs the oil swapping out.” So, while I had the car on the ramp for last month’s brake-fitting escapade, I thought I’d get on to the Oldhall Performance, suppliers of Redline oil here in the UK, to put in an order for some rather special fully synthetic engine oil.

nissan 350z fast car banzai oil change

The American firm has gained quite the reputation on the road and in all sorts of motorsports for their premium performance offerings, and they’re a brand I’ve used on numerous cars over the years, including plenty of my own projects. In fact, that’s pretty obvious from the amount of flags, hats and aprons I have knocking about my workshop – like all Americans these guys love to chuck in a spot of merchandise!

nissan 350z fast car banzai undercarriage

When it comes to giving the best advice, the team at Oldhall Performance certainly know their stuff too, so much so that they soon sold me on changing the gearbox and diff oils while I was at it, just in case they hadn’t been done for a while. They also supply magnetic sump plugs from Gold Plug USA so, as this one is all on the publisher’s tab, I ordered one of those too. I’m nice like that.

nissan 350z fast car banzai gear oil

Anyway, I don’t have to tell you how important it is to keep up your service schedules, especially on highly stressed cars, or ones like this with big expensive engines. Prevention, as they say, is far better than cure!

Equipment for oil change

Now, admittedly it’s hardly the most exciting of tasks, but changing the oil and filter is something that can be done at home with not much more than a trolley jack and a couple of stands. It’s an easy job that can save you a few quid on garage bills along the way. Gearbox and diff oil needs changing far less regularly and usually takes a couple of special tools, like drain plug keys and a big turkey baster (err… or a syringe). It can also be a little trickier, so many choose to leave it to the pros, or at least someone with a ramp. To be fair, I don’t blame them either – old transmission oil is horrible, shitty-smelling stuff!

Oil change specialist tools size

Still, once I got my delivery (and more hats), it only took an hour or so to replace all those essential fluids with Redline’s finest protection. Lovely.

JAPSPEED packaging

Still, there’s no rest for the wicked, and it’s time to pull my finger out and actually get on with some modifying. On the bright side though, we’ve just had a delivery of parts, so it looks like I won’t be going back to the office for a while. Such a shame, I was really looking forward to sitting in front of my computer all this week, honest.

nissan 350z fast car banzai engine protection

Redline 5W30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil (x5) £89.70
MT85 Gearbox Oil (x4) £80.80
75W90 Diff Oil (x2) £42.84
Gold Plug Magnetic Sump Plug £17.99
Oil filter – £5.37

TOTAL £236.70

Oldhall Performance
Redline Oil

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